Alec George Horwood: Commissioned as an officer

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    Hello! I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help answer a couple of queries that I have. The man I'm researching was initially a Sergeant with the Queen's Royal Regiment but was later commissioned as an officer with the 1st Northamptonshire Regiment. I know that he was posted to 166th Officer Cadet Training Unit - would anyone happen to know where this particular unit was located, and what might have been involved in the course that he would have been sent on? Secondly, would anyone know why a man from the Queen's would have been transferred to the Northamptonshires? Would it simply have been the case that he'd have been sent to whichever regiment needed manpower at that time, or would there likely have been any other factors in play?
    Many thanks in advance for anyone who might be able to help!
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    Do you have a name of the man you are trying to research?
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    166 OCTU was in Douglas on the Isle of Man.
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    Not much in the press about the 166th. This is all I could find.

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    Thanks very much, everyone. The man's name is Alec Horwood, Lotus7; I can't see his name in the press cuttings, amberdog45, but thanks very much indeed for posting them.

    dbf - ah, I didn't know that it was usual practice to be assigned to a different unit after receiving a commission. Thanks very much for the heads-up. Much appreciated.
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    Yes, that's Alec.

    Actually, further to his being assigned to a different unit, his service record shows that he was transferred from the 1/6th Battalion, Queen's Royal (West Surrey) Regiment to the 2/5th Bn, Queen's. it was about 20 months later that he joined the 1st Northamptonshires. If anyone could give me any insight into why this is likely to have occurred, if possible, I'd be really grateful. Thanks very much.
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    Alec Horwood in the UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: Alec Horwood
    Given Initials: A G VC DCM
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Death Date: 21 Jan 1944
    Number: 165583
    Birth Place: London (not otherwise specified)
    Residence: London (not otherwise specified)
    Regiment at Enlistment: Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
    Branch at Enlistment: Infantry
    Theatre of War: Burma
    Regiment at Death: Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
    Branch at Death: Infantry

    Alec George Horwood in the UK, Victoria Cross Medals, 1857-2007

    Name: Alec George Horwood
    Birth Date: 6 Jan 1914
    Birth Place: Deptford, South London
    Death Date: 20 Jan 1944
    Death Place: Near Kyauchaw, Burma

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    It is highly likely that the Alec's transfer to the 2/5th was based on need of a good Sergeant. His transfer to another Regiment after his commission is again probably one of need, and that once commissioned it was not often that a return to the original unit was on the cards, as it was believed that it would be bad for discipline, as the newly commissioned officer would not get the respect from his former peers.

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    1 Queens Royal Regt was in 33 Indian Inf Bde of Messervy's 7 Indian Division.
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    Steve, some articles naming Alec.

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    This post of Andy's will clarify the transfer to 2/5th and what Alec was doing prior to that transfer.

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    Thanks very much indeed, everyone, for the information and the clippings. Enormously appreciated - thank you.

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