Alderstead Heath Supply Depot

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    Hi all, can anyone help me with any information regarding Alderstead Heath during the war please?

    History, Photographs maps etc..

    Currently staying there in the caravan and motorhome site.. I know about the Anson crashing there and there are loads of old concrete roads from the camp and a few rubble bases of buildings guessing privie, washrooms etc.

    Kind regards Lee
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    According to Geograph (Alderstead Heath, Surrey (C) Peter Trimming ), there was an RAOC AFV depot there, but I have never found any dates or other details

    Alderstead Heath, Surrey
    Just a few yards from the Caravan Club site (and signposted as a dog walk).

    During WW2, the British Army (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)used Alderstead Heath as an "Armoured Fighting Vehicle" depot.

    29th September 1944 saw a plane crash in an area bounded by this site and Dean Lane (about 400 yards to the south). [Anson NK607: Accident 29-Sep-1944 on the North Downs]
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    Thanks that's about all I could find there apart from the Canadians were also there around D-Day..

    Cheers hoping that others have come across something at sometime..


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