Albert and Lawrence Cooper

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    I am after any information on the following soldiers from Doncaster, I don't have their service numbers and can't find anything on TNA

    Albert Cooper was born in 1925 and served in the Durham LI. I am told he was at D-Day and injured in a subsequent battle.

    Lawrence Cooper was born in 1923 and served in the Royal Navy on the Motor boats I believe. If anyone could find any information I would be grateful. Thanks.
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    Not much to go on, sans personnel service records ( which you know far too much about ) but an advanced search at Kew for "Durham" limited to file series WO 361 gets ten files, none digital ) of which this one might give clues as to the "subsequent battle":

    WO 361/582 War Office: Department of the Permanent Under Secretary of State: Casualties (L) Branch: Enquiries into Missing Personnel, 1939-45 War. | North West Europe: Durham Light Infantry; missing personnel | North West Europe: Durham Light Infantry; missing personnel. | Held by: The National Archives, Kew 01/08/1944 31/07/1945 Former Reference Dep: M/NWE 783

    WO 361 Casualty files contain statements from servicemen who witness events involving their comrades-in-arms.

    The Royal Navy does things in its own special way, but a search for "Motor Boat" limited to ADM and "1925 to 1949" returns 820 results, one digital, downloadable free without signing in.

    Cue: emphasise personnel records ( pun intended ).

    Good hunting ( and thanks for the information about POW records held in Germany available online )


    ADM/360/40043 ( digitised ) screenshot:

    Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 08.31.57.png
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    Hi thanks for the above, I'm not sure what you mean by (know far too much about) personnel records? Is that possible, please elaborate.

    Thank you for the rest of the info, I will look into the information provided, the reviewing boat was Merlin do you believe this was linked. I agree it would be a lot easier if I had the service number but I cannot seem to find them but will keep trying.
    Thanks again
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    Apologies if you haven't been following the threads on service personnel records, such as:


    I just gave the screenshot as an example of what little Kew has online - 820 files on motor boats, only one online - no idea of any connection.

    Without knowing the unit a serviceman was linked to the files at Kew or at local archives are a wasteland.

    It will be of no comfort, but if your folks were Australians who served in WW2 then Australian Archives give no end of data about individuals free online.

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    Both brothers lived at 18 The Avenue, Bentley, Doncaster in 1939. I checked `A Cooper` on the casualty lists for The DLI no luck . Sorry

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