Aircraftman 2nd Class CATHERALL, ALAN EDMOND.

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    Inside St.James Church Buttermere is a very nice memorial to a 2nd Class Aircraftman Alan Edmond Catherall.
    A E Catherall.jpg
    Catherall.jpg Buttermere.jpg

    Aircraftman 2nd Class CATHERALL, ALAN EDMOND
    Service Number 1143771
    Died 23/10/1943
    Aged 22
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    Son of Cyril and Nora Catherall, of Loweswater, Cumberland.

    Location: Indonesia
    Cemetery/memorial reference: 14. A. 2.
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    Captured Java 9/3/42.
    From Record Details

    Surname: CATHERALL
    First Name(s): Allan A
    Rank: A.C.
    Service No: 1143771
    Service: AF
    Date of Capture: 09/03/1942
    Unit: Unit not known
    Held: Held Java, Moluccas (Ambon)
    Died: Died Ambon (Liang)
    Date: 23.10.43
    Buried: Buried Ambon

    Ca Database

    From Wiki:
    A large Far East prisoner of war camp was situated in the north near Liang. This was made up of British men of the 77th HAA, 3rd Kings Own Hussars and some RAF volunteers. The c.1000 men arrived in April 1943 and were marched from Ambon town over two days without food or water.
    The FEPOWs built the camp including a water pipeline. They were ordered to build an airfield and runway alongside the beach and cleared coconut trees for the task. They did all they could to sabotage construction.
    Conditions were horrendous and many men died due to disease, starvation and ill treatment by the Japanese. Many men also suffered blindness due to working chipping at the coral.

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    Thanks for that Tim I didn't think to see if he was a POW so cheers very much.

    Regards Mike.
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    The Lancashire Daily Post, Tursday, April 1st, 1943

    Aircraftman Alan E Catherall (21), radio operator, RAF, of Sevenoaks, Davenham, Cheshire, is reported a prisoner in Jap hands. He is the eldest son of Mrs Nora Catherall and grandson of the late Mrs A Edmondson, of the Fish Hotel, Buttermere, Cumberland.
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    Cause of death:
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    Burial card held by the National Archives of Australia (

    The Ambon War Cemetery registration sheets are held in volumes 38-43

    This item contains registration sheets for British and N.E.I (Netherlands East Indies) forces, and some unidentified Australian soldiers

    The entries in this item are arranged by plot, row and grave, with 16 graves in each row (eg, 7A1 to 7A16 = plot 7, row A, grave 1 to plot 7, row A, grave 16)

    They include some group burials.

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