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Discussion in 'For Sale & For Trade' started by Jamie Holdbridge-Stuart, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Jamie Holdbridge-Stuart

    Jamie Holdbridge-Stuart Senior Member

    Been having a clear out of my Arnhem bumph and discovered a folder of 'mini-stories' which were included with the Hartenstien Museum newsletters.There are 28 very 'early' type mini stories, no dates on these but they're old ones. There are 45 of the later, dated, 1993-2005 style 'mini stories'.
    Anyone interested in making an offer for the lot?


  2. Ray Bowe

    Ray Bowe New Member

    Hi there
    Just wondering if you still have B company arrived at Arnhem for sale ? When I clicked on your name for the book it came up security error so apologies for getting to you this way round.
    If its sold any idea who may have one for sale ?
    I'm trying to treat myself for Christmas lol
    Best Wishes

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