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    Stick your favourite Airborne art pictures in this thread. Say what you like or nothing at all. I'll start off with a few and may add more depending on response, if any ... :)

    A great deal of art depicting Airborne subject matter was created during the war and afterwards up to the present time. So there should be lots to choose from. Airborne in this context of course refers to the Parachute, Airlanding and Glider Pilot Regiments to name the most notable.

    A Canadian stamp in remembrance of Operation Varsity and the Rhine Crossing. Artist presently unknown.

    CanadIan Stamp -Rhine Crossing.jpg

    "Gliders at Caen" by aviation artist Frank Wootton (30 July 1911 – 21 April 1998)

    Gliders at Caen by Frank Wootton.jpg

    Added - Artist Frank Wootton, OBE in his studio in later life.

    Artist Frank Wootton, OBE - 1911-1998.jpg

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    This came to mind.
    From when I was a lad.

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    A couple more:

    The 13th Parachute Battalion being summoned by horn on DZ-B during Operation
    Varsity. The original work of art has since gone missing.

    Artist Lt. Geoff Otway-Varsity.jpg

    Artist Lt. Geoff Otway – Platoon Commander, 'A' Coy,13 Para

    20110317--photo-of-binghams-lt-geoff-otway- 2.jpg

    Artist Unknown – A book illustration based on an image of glider pilot Lt. J.F. Hubble from a group photo.

    Artist Unknown - Lt Hubble.jpg

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    I’m in touch with Major Jack Watson’s daughter and I believe they now have the original.
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    War Picture Library cover #194 'Sky Troop' (Original) by Alessandro Biffignandi
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    Battle Picture Library cover #1177 'Live Action' by Graham Coton
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    David Rowlands capturing the Kingos arriving at Broadway - courtesy of 1 ACG.
    Nec Aspera Terrent (Difficulties be Damned).
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    Thanks QF,

    I completely missed that neck of the woods. Some day, if I ever get up to speed, I'll do an addenda.

    Regards ...
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    Tony Harold's painting commissioned for 1PTS, with a piece for some likely former customers.

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    Hubble and SSgt Morgan also appear on the front of Milton Dank's 'The Glider Gang'
    and I wondered if they had been crimped from a larger painting of all four in the original photo, but it looks as if this is a segment from a colourized print, as Hubble is not holding an (artistic licence) beret.
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    I don't have this scaled properly but yes the image used is based on the same photo. The moustaches were removed for some reason.

    H 40984-Book.jpg

    Regards ...
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    Vince Goodwin, Arnhem POW - 'B' Coy, 2 Para - Crossing the Railway at Den Brink

    Vince Goodwin - Crossing Railway at Den Brink.jpg

    Harry Gordon, Arnhem POW - 4th Parachute Squadron, RE

    Harry Gordon Arnhem POW  - 4th Para Sqn RE.jpg

    Artist photos:

    Vince Goodwin-Harry Gorden.jpg
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    I know it's Falklands War & not WW2 but this piece was the first time I saw Kevin Lyles work .
    I love his style.
    Military Modelling magazine.
    December 1982.
    Two Paras & a Bootneck.

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    More Kevin Lyles work.
    Back on WW2 now.

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