Air Force Memorials To The Missing Graves Found

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    As we are now getting a few grave finds from the RAF etc I will now list them in a separate thread.

    Died 04/02/1945

    Royal Air Force Transport Command

    Cataraqui Cemetery, Ontario.
  2. Peter Clare

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    4 February 1945

    Mosquito KB313

    John Frederick Bradley. Cdn civ. Pilot
    John Donald McIntyre. Cdn civ. RO/Nav

    Crash Amherst. NS

    Source - Ocean Bridge - Carl A. Christie
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    Further details re the above.....

    Mosquito VII KB313

    Lost wing recovering from dive after take-off. Amherst NS.
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    De Havilland Mosquito B.II: Powered by two Packard built Rolls-Royce Merlin 31s driving three bladed Hydromatic fully feathering propellers, this was a Canadian version (DeHavilland - Downsview) based on the B.IV Series II. First flew 24 September 1942. Used in North America only.
    112 Wg to USAAF as 43-34925

    Production: KB300 - KB324. Transferred to USAAF: KB306 (43-34931), KB312 (43-34924), KB313 (43-24925), KB315 (43-24926), KB316 (43-24927), KB317 (43-24928).
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