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    Found on a grave stone in our local churchyard. Thomas Gordon Young, Radio Officer, died 20 May 1948 in an air accident, aged 25 years. Anyone know anything of this accident?:confused:
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    THE Chief Inspector of Accidents, A.
    Cdre. Vernon Brown, reports* that
    he has been unable to determine the
    cause of the accident involving Dakota
    .G-AJBG which occurred at 01.54 hr. on
    "May 20th, 1948. The aircraft was owned
    by Air Transport (Charter) (C.I.), Ltd.,.
    and was on a charter flight from Valence,
    France, to Bovingdon with a cargo of

    While making a circuit of Bovingdon
    beneath a cloud-base which had lowered
    to 300ft, the aircraft flew into a wood
    about half a mile from the airfield and
    was wrecked. Fire did not break out,
    but Capt. Boalch,
    Radio Officer T. G. Young
    Flight Engineer H. Spencer were all killed.
    The First Officer, G. Castellain, was seriously

    The Inspector was unable to find evidence of pre-crash failure
    in the aircraft or its equipment and at the time of the accident
    rJhe undercarriage was down and the airscrews were in fine
    'pitch. The pilot had not requested or obtained clearance before
    entering I.F.R. conditions in the vicinity of Bovingdon and
    he had been informed that the cloud-base was 400ft. This
    height was below the minimum recommended for the approach
    procedure adopted by him. The pilot had not been informed
    that the cloud-base was in fact 300ft at the time of his arrival,
    nor that it had been as low as 200ft earlier. The Inspector
    considered that control of the aircraft from Bovingdon was not
    carried out with a high degree of efficiency.

    *M.C.A. Publication 71. H.M. Stationery Office;
    Thanks to Paul McMillan.

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    Thanks Phil, excellent result, much obliged, Roy
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    Many thanks Peter, brilliant response, best regards, Roy
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    I believe I remember my father taking me to see the site of this crash.. He worked at Northolt and I was 5 at the time. I vividly remember boxes (like tea boxes) of cherries lying around covered in oil. Also I'm almost certain I saw boxes of fur coats or collars in the wreckage also covered in oil.

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