Africa's Forgotten Soldiers

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    I find the word 'Forgotten' very emotive, in Nigeria, Zimbabwe(Rhodesia) and Kenya the Regiments with a direct lineage to their WWII predecessors still remember their forebears and old comrades, and are taught the Regimental history, I was priveledged to attend the launch of the Rhodesian African Rifles History in London 2 years ago and at that even several former soldiers from the RAR attended (at the Regimental Association's expense) - the RAR were very active in Burma against the Japanese.
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    The word "Forgotten" was used by the 14th Army and I am sure that if you were to speak and ask our Italian campaign Veterans, they will tell you the same, especially following "D" Day.

    No excuses, but it could not have been easy allocating troops and equipment, especially to several completely different fronts extending overs different continents.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Al Jazeera cover this particular subject very well:

    The Burma Boy
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    There is a screening of 'The Forgotten Heroes of Empire', followed by a Q&A 7-9PM, this Friday 5th April 2019, in London, at The Frontline Club, a few minutes walk from Paddington Station. Two passages that explain:
    Details on: The Forgotten Heroes of Empire: Screening + Q&A You have to pay for a ticket (£12.50p). The club is mainly for journalists, but ordinary mortals are welcome and some of their meetings are good value. They do have a YouTube channel, so it very likely that the event (not the film) will be available that way afterwards.
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    Thanks for the heads-up. I attended something similar at the Hatchards book store (Piccadilly) the other week.

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