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    I need your help!

    I have been assembling an exhibition for next Sunday explaining the home front (local) during WW2.

    It will be held in a large tent complete with WW2 memorabilia and two members of the Normandy Veterans Association to handle the military questions. Also we will have a Dodge Weapons Carrier and the Border Regiment's Jeep and equipment from Arnhem.

    On one of the boards I am attempting to show the equipment belonging to a soldier, so I have photocopied a AB64, page by page in an attempt to explain the details within.

    1, My questions are who was deemed to be able to inspect the AB64.

    2, What was the penalty for the loss of this book.

    3, Was a duplicate kept in the system

    4 On page four it lists TETS 1,2,3,4?

    5, Rifle Pt 111 Qual Without FPI (2nd)?

    6, Passed CAP Test?

    7, Passed B/A tests 1-6 ?

    It belongs to an Infantryman, Border Regiment 1945



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