Aerial reconnaissance photos, how to find them

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    Could anyone help me on my way, where to look for WW2 aerial reconnaissance photos, and how to find the ones I would want (11th Armoured Division's route through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany)?
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    Very clunk 'search' option on NCAP. You zoom in on a world map which takes about 4 goes before you get what you want. Then if you press the wrong button to view an image you can not go back and must reload the world map and start all over again. Once you get an area you are interested in you should open all links in a new window or you will be forever reloading the search page.
    This shows what the links give you

    and I can not stress enough how important it is to clearly mark each image you download as you download it. If you do a couple and think you can 'sort it out later' you are in for a world of pain. North is not always to the top of the frame either.
    The Canadian Archives are the above but complicated by a factor of 50 as they have no proper index.
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    Base map is a pain too, I was looking for places in North Africa and the labeling is all in Arabic.

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