(Aerial) Photographs of bombardment wanted

Discussion in 'General' started by Garde Grenadier, Feb 20, 2004.

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    In the spring 1945 my hometown Coesfeld was bombed heavily by the Allied Forces, the special target was the railway-junction. The attacks already went on in 1944. That was when my grandfather -Reichsbahn engine-driver- was severely wounded (as well as his fireman) on his engine while trying to rescue a train with an already crippled engine. He was given a Kriegsverdienstkreuz (Cross of war-merits) II. Class, 48 cigarettes and 1 bottle of wine as a "reward" (some reward for being shot at!)...
    I'm now looking for any (aerial) photographs of the railway lines around Coesfeld (West Münsterland, Westphalia). Where might I find an archive or an address?
    Thanks for any help

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