Aerial photographs of Allied bombing raids on Japanese occupied Burma.

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    The second, SUK 14059: The communication centre the day after the air attack by RAF Mosquito aircraft. Part of the roof of one building has been blown away while both buildings have suffered extensive damage.
    SUK 14059.JPG
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    Another fascinating piece of research and sleuthing. As I'm sure you know, a quick look at Google satellite reveals that the sheds were repaired and exist today, and in the original pattern and layout.

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    Would have to echo Steve's sentiment here. I was intrigued by some of the images, epsecially as they mention various locations of special interest to my little research sphere. Maymyo for certain, but also places such as Waw, on the Pegu Road.
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    Back to Mandalay again. This is IWM photograph C.4879. The caption reads, Sticks of bombs from Consolidated Liberators explode on the marshalling yards at Mandalay, Burma, during a daylight raid by aircraft of 231 Group.
    Bombing Mandalay.jpg
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    Again, easy to locate thanks to Mandalay's grid system. Note the curve in the railway line at the bottom of the photograph.

    Mandalay - 93 C-1 - One Inch (2).JPG
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