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    It could be that the hotels, printer manufacturers and suppliers of flower baskets have taken out a premium product that places their ads according to keyword searches.

    Perhaps the supplier of Asian ladies has paid less, and thus its ads are more random and less targeted.

    It is also a reality that the purveyors of gambling and sexual services simply have far more ad dollars to spend than most business categories.
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    For the first time I have noticed two icons in the top right hand corner of the adverts. One is 'Mute this ad' which I assume hides or blocks it from your pc and the other is a link to this:

    I just get an 'ad-sense' link which I'd rather not mess with. All the girls have gone (you're not the only one, Ron!). I'm now offered Military research, a trip in a Spitfire and ads for male incontinence. (might puke on a roll but can't see me pissing myself)

    ps just previewed this post - Mute this add is now there.
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    I use Safari, with AdBlock extension and I never get any adds and I love it that way. There is for Firefox a AdBlock Plus. Similar extensions/plugins should exist for other browsers.
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    WW2talk doesn't have any control over what ads are shown, however the ads are also targeted to the user to some degree by Google.

    Go Google something, like say Dell computers, help desk software, or online backup solutions. Look at one or two of the sites that come up.
    Then come back and watch what ads you see at the top.


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