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Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by von Poop, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. von Poop

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    Posted by Bob Smith on WW2F.
    Their query is re. Panzer numbers, but I find just the recording of Hitler's normal voice more interesting. Rather rare to hear him not bellowing away blutschwur-ing & gotterdamer-ing while waving his arms about. Sure I'd not heard it before.
  2. SDP

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    Adolf in a reflective mood. Truly intriguing......but this was recorded before he discovered that he couldn't get an Airfix Spitfire kit.
  3. arnhem44

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    Interesting..more nuggets than only the panzer ("tanks" said by hitler!) numbers.

    I heard of this Mannerheim recording before , but the website then didnot link, or open it.
    (but what a whining *prattling* about the many incredible russian tanks...couple of minutes...what? as if to say."had I known it before, I would not have attacked Russia ??"...much lateron Hitler says..finally.."I wld have attacked anyhow"...but that in relation to his fear that Stalin would (certainly!) take Romania and its crucial Oil fields..)

    And what a "boyish" talks/perception between Hitler and Molotov about threats and intended occupation of Finland and Romania....tsjeeeesss.
    As if one plays "Diplomacy" against the computer AI.
  4. TriciaF

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    Fascinating - who was Mannerheim, and why was Hitler visiting him and talking to him in an almost apologetic manner?
    I've found a few facts, seems he was an important Finnish leader, maybe Hitler wanted to turn him against Russia?
  5. von Poop

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    No need to turn Mannerheim against Russia. No need at all... him already knowing roughly which side he had to be on, though I can see him being a man to slightly overstate situations to, If you were Adolf.
  6. Lindele

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    Thanks for posting this.
    Most interesting. Never listened to his voice outside the standard speaches we all know.

  7. nickgrace1

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    I believe I remember hearing that this is the only recording of Hitler talking 'normally' and not his usual performance so it is very interesting to hear.

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