Adolf Hitler wins election. Again.

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by von Poop, Dec 3, 2020.

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    And here I thought he had won North Minehead at last.
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    Great place to visit Namibia, provided you like the desert, German-type food and German beer. Add in the wildlife and it can be spectacular.
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    They could be twins

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    Part of the German extensive empire put into reverse as it might be said and lost from the implementation of the Versailles Treaty in June 1919.

    The 19th century was a feature which saw European states striving to create African African land grab.

    Seems that the Scandinavian countries missed out
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    The Scandinavians did their empire building between the late 8th and 10th centuries. You generally only get one go at it as people have very long memories about that sort of thing.
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    The bottom line
    education has obviously failed in that country by a long way
    the idiot (thats polite) should change his name
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    As opposed to Joe, who apparently struggles to remember his name :)
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    True, living quite near to the A15,.....Ermine Street laid down by the Romans and utilised by the Vikings for plundering of North Lincolnshire from the Humber

    A visit to this area will show that for security of the Anglo Saxon villages inhabitants,these settlements were located some distance from the now A15,well away as they thought from the plundering Vikings.

    To the north west,York carries the Viking name of Jorvic,the Ouse being the means of navigating to York from the Humber. Nottingham was another settlement founded by the Vikings using the Humber and the Trent.

    Nearby Gainsborough was once the capital of King Sweyn Forkbeard of Viking England but alas he only lasted for 40 days.There's a number of locations around the area which have location ties with the Viking past.

    Sweyn Forkbeard: England's forgotten Viking king

    A commercial connection reflects the Viking past with the naming of a local drinking club known as Sweyyn Forkbeard owned by some bloke by the name of Martin.

    As for me,after a litre of FAXE,I feel I could morph into a Viking and do a spot of plundering myself :D
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