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    Hello, a relative Rfn Earnest Hopkins was awarded a MID and gazetted on the 22nd March 1945. He was with I coy 1st RB. I am unable to find out how he came about this award.
    I have been in contact with the Rifles museum at Winchester, the London Gazette, the National army museum and The Imperial war museum with no luck. Could anybody please tell me where to look next.

    The only bit of information i have is that he helped a 'tankie' in trouble whilst working with 5 RTR (the tank museum could not help me out) but this is not confirmed.

    Earnies widow has always expressed the opinion that Earnie was MID twice. I have a part 2 orders which has Earnies name on it under Honours and awards and opposite his name is D/M. Somebody in pencil has put over this M/M but has not initialed the change, so I presume this has been done after. Could any office staff tell me what D/M as an abbreviation could stand for in a military capacity.

    Sorry this is a long one but i am struggling trying to get answers

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    The best way to confirm any decorations/awards for bravery would be on his service records. If his wife is still alive you can obtain them for free.

    Another place you could search is the National Archives at Kew. They have, I believe, all awards from WW2 online.

    Assuming it is to do with an award the MM bit suggests a Military Medal reduced from a DCM-Distinguished Conduct Medal. Although I've never seen the DCM abbreviated at D/M.

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    Hi Drew,
    i have the service records which only show 1 MID. The hear say in the family is that he refused a M/M at some point because he was 'only helping out a mate' This seems to me to be extreme but this was Earnie. He did not mention anything to me about these events and his time in the RB even though i was in 4RGJ at the time. Still i can understand his reasons
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    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

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    Thanks for this Drew. I cant find on NA site at the moment. Battalion war diaries hold no clues either

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