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    JANUARY 6, 1945: BATTERSBY, FRANCIS (age 33). St. Helens, Lancashire, England. Corporal (1277445). Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, squadron unknown. Awarded the BEM, British Empire Medal. So far no details about his death. (Maybe brought down during a raid on Hannover, Germany?) Plot 12, Row D, Grave 4.

    Info BEM:
    In October, 1944, Corporal Battersby and six other airmen commenced work at a town in Belgium on the clearance of hotels and houses required for occupation by the Royal Air Force. They were engaged in buildings comprising about 1,000-rooms and the enemy had drawn the window shutters and removed the electric lighting system. The party worked with hand torches. On the following day 3 of the party were badly injured and a fourth member received severe shock from the explosion of a charge which was detonated by the fouling of a concealed trip wire. Corporal Battersby took charge of the remaining members of the party, until the arrival of his Flight Commander, and continued the work until 1400 hours on the seventh day when the hotels were finally cleared. During this period So enemy mines and prepared charges, ingeniously hidden and laid to be functioned by one or more trip wires, were recovered, neutralised and disposed of. On a previous occasion Corporal Battersby was required to continue this form of work after casualties had occurred among his party. He has displayed high courage and leadership.
    (London Gazette - 23 March 1945)

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    JANUARY 13, 1945:
    DONOGHUE, JAMES EDWARD (age 24). Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Flight Lieutenant (Navigator) (J/20234). Royal Canadian Air Force, 409 Sqdn. Plot 11, Row G, Grave 11.
    42127_83024005508_0340-00032.jpg web-Headstone-JE-Donoghue-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg

    MCPHAIL, WILLIAM HECTOR (age 25). Munro, Ontario, Canada. Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) (J/21326). Royal Canadian Air Force, 409 Sqdn. Plot 11, Row G, Grave 9.

    47249_2421400354_1185-00104.jpg web-Headstone-WH-McPhail-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg

    "Aircraft landed normally in deep snow, nosed over and pilot evidently pulled control column back hard pulling aircraft into the air where it stalled and crashed from 50-100 ft."

    Temporary burial Lesquin, France.
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    When I came across this Private's service records something didn't feel right. In early September 1944 the North Shore Regiment was not in the area where this soldier died of wounds. They were further south, in France. He was shortly before his death transferred to the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, according to his service records. This regiment was certainly in the area (De Panne, Belgium) where Avard died from a bullet wound to the head.

    Commonwealth War Graves Commission confirms after their research that Avard Isaac Northrup G/12239 served with the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada at the time that he died of wounds in Belgium. The commission will correct Avard's profile and headstone. Replacing the headstone can take up to 18 months.,-avard-isaac/

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    Not in Bomber Command.

    450106 - Unaccounted Airmen - 06-01-1945

    No. 6210 Bomb Disposal Flight.
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    No. 504 Squadron (Spitfire - 76 ops). Credited with 1 enemy aircraft destroyed and 1 damaged.
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    FEBRUARY 14, 1945:
    DICK, BENSON GORDON (age 25). Canada. Able Seaman (V/17800). Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, H.M.M.T.B. 485. Accident occurred in the harbor of Ostend, Belgium. Plot 1, Row D, Grave 4.
    DICK, BENSON GORDON | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem

    GAUTHIER, JOSEPH ANDREW RICHARD (age 20). Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Able Seaman (V/43226). Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, H.M.M.T.B. 459. Accident occurred in the harbor of Ostend, Belgium. Plot 1, Row D, Grave 5.
    GAUTHIER, JOSEPH ANDREW RICHARD | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem

    PURDY, GORDON FRANCIS (age 27). St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Stoker 1st Class (V/52969). Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, H.M.M.T.B. 462. Accident occurred in the harbor of Ostend, Belgium. Plot 1, Row D, Grave 5.
    PURDY, GORDON FRANCIS | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem

    Temporary burial: Stuiverstraat, Oostende, Belgium.

    web-Headstone-BG-Dick-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg web-Headstone-JARR-Gauthier-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg web-Headstone-GF-Purdy-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg
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    FEBRUARY 15, 1945:
    STEWART, DONALD GEORGE ALEXANDER (age 27). Kensington, London, United Kingdom. Flying Officer (Pilot) (41624). Royal Air Force, 615 Sqdn. On 15th February 1941 the squadron flew a sweep to Holland. Stewart was shot down in Hurricane I P3231 into the sea off Flushing and was reported 'Missing'.
    In April 1941 a body was recovered from the sea and was buried in Zeebrugge, Belgium as 'an unknown flyer'. After the war this was found to be Stewart, identified by a tailor's tab from his tunic. Plot 3, Row AB, Grave 7.

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    Face photo of Thomas Alfred George - RAFVR

    George, Thomas Alfred - face.jpg

    George, Thomas Alfred - face.jpg

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