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    Who can help?

    What does the war diary of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders say from November 1 to November 3, 1944?
    What does the war diary of the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment say on September 11, 1944?

    Thank you :)
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    I visited the Knokke-Heist Freedom Museum in 2016. It is phenomenal.
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    December 2, 1944: HOUSTON, ROBERT ROSS. Signalman (3187774). Royal Corps of Signals, 13 Air Form Sigs. Plot 6, Row D, Grave 12. Temporary buried, Maldegem, Belgium.
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    December 4, 1945: LECOMTE, JEAN MARIE (age 20). Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium. Able Seaman (D/SB/JX 807). Royal Navy, H.M.S. Royal Edmund II. Plot 10, Row J, Grave 1. (Does anyone know what happend to this war ship?) Temporary burial Etterbeek communal cemetery, Woluwe St. Lambert.
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    December 6, 1944: WINTERS, JOSEPH HENRY (age 44). Armagh, Ireland. Private (B/85466). Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. Accident, car he was driving collided with another military vehicle near Tournai, Belgium. Plot 11, Row F, Grave 2. Temporary burial, Tournai cemetery du Sud, Belgium.
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    December 8, 1941:
    HUBBARD, FREDERICK CHARLES (age 20). United Kingdom. Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner) (1256349). Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 82 Sqdn. Plot 3, Row AA, Grave 10.

    JOHNSTON, ROBERT (age 26). Australia. Sergeant (402360). Royal Australian Air Force. Plot 3, Row AA, Grave 11.

    WILSON, THOMAS MCSKIMMING. Pilot Officer (Pilot) (104525). Royal Air Force, 82 Sqdn. Plot 3, Row AA, Grave 12.

    Aircraft Blenheim UX-J (V5876) took off at 11.42 PM, Watton, UK. It was hit by a FLAK at 1.40 AM and crashed near Zandvoorde, Belgium. A formation of 9 was on a raid to the Ostend docks.

    web-Headstone-FC-Hubbard-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg web-Headstone-R-Johnston-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg web-Headstone-T-McS-Wilson-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg
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    December 10, 1944: HALBOT, AGUSTINE EDWARD (age 28). St. Georges, Newfoundland, Canada. Signalman (B/31654). Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 1 L of C Sigs. Drowned. Plot 11, Row C, Grave 10. Temporary Burial, Ghent, Belgium.

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