Adegem Canadian War Cemetery Belgium

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    Evan Glendwyr Evans was known as 'Taffy'. He wasn't shot down. He was RAF bomb disposal, killed while sweeping for mines on ALG B-83 (Knokke). 6210 Flight. Same unit as 'Bat' Battersby.
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    He was known as 'Bat' to his friends in 6210 bomb disposal flight. He was killed while sweeping ALG B-83 (Knokke). His colleague 'Garry' Garred who was immediately behind him survived. My Dad, Roy Tull was in the same Flight, also working on and around the airfield. Roy's diary in on the Traces of War website - he records both 'Bat's' and 'Taffy' Evans' deaths.
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    The Passmore brothers. They must be close to each other. Lewis even requested a transfer from Infantry to Artillery to join his brother George (landed on D-Day). Both killed in action around the Leopold canal. Both were temporary buried in the Military graveyard of Maldegem and both found their final resting place at Adegem Canadian War Cemetery. They had a third brother in the Army. But all info suggest he made it through the war.

    Click the links for their full profile including photographs, the war diary's of their Regiments and their personal Military records.
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