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  1. Leslie

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    A suggested link for the right side of your home page would be www.156SquadronRAF. Robin Riley has done an absolutely fantastic job with this site.There is an incredible amount of information in his data base. If you haven't already done so please take a look.
  2. von Poop

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    Missed this.
    Nice one Leslie, that's going in the Links.
    The squadron Logs are excellent.

  3. urqh

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    Quite liked the title of the thread so used it....Being ex RAF and having little interest in most things with wings as one would expect...well all army bods dont do tanks...Iseldom read sqn number requests for info as Im not a collector ..thats not meant to be insulting in any way..but you get the gist..Ido though have a good knowledge of RAF past present and future. If the regular enquirers were to maybe add a last station with their THREAD Title some others like myself will read on and maybe help as Sacralidge..von poop must never know...Idont read all threads..blindfold? no Ill face them..aim straight Owen.
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    Not sure if it is the work proxy server acting up, but it looks like the site is down to me. Anyone else able to see it?
  5. von Poop

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