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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by bamboo43, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. bamboo43

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    Hi All,

    Attempting to help out a family who have just received their man's service records this week.

    The usual problem of abbreviations has arisen, these are what they are unsure of, he was a Burma veteran in Chindit 2, 16th British Infantry Brigade. I currently do not have copies of the service records:

    ALFS- I think this is Allied Land Forces, SE Asia.

    21 ICCS- I think this is 21st Indian Casualty Clearing Station.

    "Granted WPP"- I think this is Weekend privilege pass.

    Posted out STC brackets B.- is this Supply and Transport Center?


    Many thanks as always.

  2. Enigma1003

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    SFTS = Service Flying Training School

  3. PeteT

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    I was advised on one of my threads that Granted WPP = Granted War Proficiency Pay (ie he had completed training).


  4. bamboo43

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    Thanks Mike,

    It will be interesting to see whether this entry links up with the fact that several hundred returning Chindits in 1944 transferred into Parachute Battalions.
  5. bamboo43

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    Thanks Pete,

    This makes much better sense than my original guess. Difficult to assess when your working blind. I hope to get the actual images soon.

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