Ack-Ack "Running Rabbit" & other exercises: Naples 1944

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    In a personal account by G.W.Johnson of 164 Battery 59th (The Essex Rgmt) Regiment HAA, he says:-

    "You will remember that 164 had to quit its 8 gun site because of the lava flow from the eruption of Vesuvius in March 1944... [and] move to a village named Bacoli...
    ...There was no enemy action and little to do. I seem to remember that our time was taken up by a diversion called "Running Rabbit" and an exercise whereby we fired at targets 180 degrees off course, or some nonsense like that."

    Does anyone know what he was talking about? Specifically, what was "Running Rabbit" and what does he mean by 180 degrees off target shooting?
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    Running ahead of the lava flow?
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