Accuracy of AFPU photo dates?

Discussion in 'Research Material' started by Quatermass, Jan 17, 2023.

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    Just been looking at some IWM photos from Normandy in '44. Generally how reliable is the recorded date that a photo was taken?

    Where there's a sequence all with the same date, for example, does that mean they were literally taken on the same day? Or is it approximate, e.g. more like a "finished that story" date?

    I'm thinking particularly of photos at the sharp end of events rather than some of the more obviously posed "behind the lines" examples.
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    Found 1 or 2 on there that are a day later than the date in war diaries, but who knows if the war diary is always accurate.?
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    I've been using the recorded date as "date catalogued"...[user][0]=59024

    Where there is other evidence as to when a photo might have been taken there are often assorted associated doubts and the possibilities for current and future confusions.

    There's typo problems and issues with how the photos are labelled and sequenced - sometimes it seems like people have spent years to decades researching for further truths on even individual photos so I tend to take them one by one and with a pinch of salt... ;-)
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