ABDA-CBI-SEAC. Book thread.

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  1. TijgerB

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    It probably cover your period more than mine :omg: But then I correspond with three whos father or grandfather served inn KNIL before the war. So the mailbox have been busy today :D
  2. Warlord

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    Maybe sending daily (well, almost) "suggestions" for the publication of books on the NEI and KNIL finally paid off; lads at Osprey must have been more than fed up with me :D

    However, they got away with something, as me main suggestion was coverage of Blackforce in the Campaign series! :mad:
  3. Charley Fortnum

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    I've never heard of a bullying a publisher into commissioning a book, but I think you've developed an effective new technique!

    It reminds me of the Weezer (U.S. band) fan who messaged her favourite band at least once a day for six months to request that they record a cover version of Africa by Toto. The band finally gave in, but only after teasing her by recording and releasing a different song by Toto.
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  4. Warlord

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    I was expecting to get banished sooner than later from the BOOKS YOU'D LIKE TO READ section of their site! ;)

    BTW, I'm not trying to show me self like the Saviour of All Worlds, but harrasing them with a Campaign book on the RC4 disaster seems to have also borne fruit, as these two:

    Valley of the Shadow

    French Foreign L├ęgionnaire vs Viet Minh Insurgent

    are well past the kitchen and on their way to a dinner table (bookshelf, that is) near you...
  5. TijgerB

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    Well Warlord I remember I was contacted by one from Osprey at least 15 years ago asking if I would be interested in writing a book on the subject of the Indonesian revolution thou he knew there were no actual plans about publishing it :unsure:

    Why Blackforce when an airborne operation on Sumatra could be more interesting:-P
  6. Warlord

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    Well, then what the "%#&)($!!! are you waiting to finish your book? You already have a publisher!

    Well, even though a few blokes around here know Palembang is under-covered in English, serious reading on Blackforce is almost non-existent...

    However, I will take them both any time (plus something about KNIL guerrillas on the Vogelkop)!!! ;)
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    Thank you for letting us know about Gerald's sad passing. I assisted him back in 2011 in finding out what had happened to some of his men back in 1942. A very charming, interesting and persistent gentleman.


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