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  1. TijgerB

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    It probably cover your period more than mine :omg: But then I correspond with three whos father or grandfather served inn KNIL before the war. So the mailbox have been busy today :D
  2. Warlord

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    Maybe sending daily (well, almost) "suggestions" for the publication of books on the NEI and KNIL finally paid off; lads at Osprey must have been more than fed up with me :D

    However, they got away with something, as me main suggestion was coverage of Blackforce in the Campaign series! :mad:
  3. Charley Fortnum

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    I've never heard of a bullying a publisher into commissioning a book, but I think you've developed an effective new technique!

    It reminds me of the Weezer (U.S. band) fan who messaged her favourite band at least once a day for six months to request that they record a cover version of Africa by Toto. The band finally gave in, but only after teasing her by recording and releasing a different song by Toto.
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  4. Warlord

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    I was expecting to get banished sooner than later from the BOOKS YOU'D LIKE TO READ section of their site! ;)

    BTW, I'm not trying to show me self like the Saviour of All Worlds, but harrasing them with a Campaign book on the RC4 disaster seems to have also borne fruit, as these two:

    Valley of the Shadow

    French Foreign Légionnaire vs Viet Minh Insurgent

    are well past the kitchen and on their way to a dinner table (bookshelf, that is) near you...
  5. TijgerB

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    Well Warlord I remember I was contacted by one from Osprey at least 15 years ago asking if I would be interested in writing a book on the subject of the Indonesian revolution thou he knew there were no actual plans about publishing it :unsure:

    Why Blackforce when an airborne operation on Sumatra could be more interesting:-P
  6. Warlord

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    Well, then what the "%#&)($!!! are you waiting to finish your book? You already have a publisher!

    Well, even though a few blokes around here know Palembang is under-covered in English, serious reading on Blackforce is almost non-existent...

    However, I will take them both any time (plus something about KNIL guerrillas on the Vogelkop)!!! ;)
  7. The Dolloways

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  8. bamboo43

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    Thank you for letting us know about Gerald's sad passing. I assisted him back in 2011 in finding out what had happened to some of his men back in 1942. A very charming, interesting and persistent gentleman.

  9. sol

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    'Sunset in the East' by John Hudson. Hudson served in 91st Field Company Bengal Sappers, which was under 23rd Indian Division but usually responded for support of 37th Indian Brigade of the Division. Almost half of the book is about author experience immediately before and during the Battle of Imphal, while the rest is describing his experience while his unit was posted to Dutch East India. It is an interesting books as it is one of the very few that give insight of the fightings of 23rd Indian Division and even more rarely described fightings on the Shenam Saddle, particularly on Gibraltar, Malta and Scraggy, probably the only other area, except Kohima, where fighting much resembled frontline style war of the WW1.

    Also one note: I bought a kindle version of the book from Pen and Sword. While paper version of the book seems to have picture section, kindle version does not.
  10. Warlord

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    Thanks for the intel, mate. Been eyeing the e-version for a while, but now that you mention the picture thing, I'll re-evaluate.
  11. Warlord

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    Rest in Peace, captain Fitzpatrick.
  12. bamboo43

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    I'm currently reading 44 Royal Marine Commando, Achnacarry to the Arakan, by Tony MacKenzie. This covers RM activities in Burma and beyond. I received an enquiry recently about a Marine who was posted over to the Chindits in 1944 and served on Operation Thursday. This was intriguing and led me to purchase the book to learn more.

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  13. Warlord

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    I'm so speechless about this one, that I can't write anything beyond the basics:

    "The Lost Battalions", by Tom Gilling


    About half covers Blackforce!!!!

    Second part is about hell in the PoW camps.
  14. Orwell1984

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  15. richardmiles

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    My father,Lt Eric Miles, was 4 troop leader, B Squadron of the tank that John Leyin joined as 75mm loader/co-driver.Tom Grounds was also in the same troop.
  16. idler

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    Start saving - his usually fall into the 'academic' price bracket...
  17. Orwell1984

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    Usually yes but this one is part of Indiana University Press’s Twentieth Century battle series so isn’t too pricey

    Twentieth-Century Battles - Indiana University Press

    Which aims to produce less expensive academic military history. I have a number of other titles from the series and they do good work.
  18. Warlord

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    Lads, I need some advice. As my CBI/SEAC reading queue nears the Invasion of India phase, I'm trying to decide which Kohima / Imphal books to read; here are the ones I own:

    Japan's Last Bid for Victory - Robert Lyman (I'm already reading Reconquest of Burma, Vol. I, of the Official Indian History)
    Kohima - Arthur Swinson
    Road of Bones, the Siege of Kohima - Fergal Keane
    Air Battle of Imphal - Norman Franks (no doubt about this one)

  19. bamboo43

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    Hi Alberto,

    I have also read, The March on Delhi, by AJ. Barker (1963). It was a solid read and gave excellent information on the battles.

    Can I ask you which of those you have listed above you recommend? I have always thought I should get a copy of Keane's book for a more modern slant on the subject.

  20. Warlord

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    Mate, I own them all but haven't read any yet; that is why I'm asking for advice on which one is better about Imphal / Kohima.

    However, based on size only, I can tell you that Keane's is massive, about twice the size than Swinson's.

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