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    image.jpg Hi,
    In the attached screenshot. Can anyone help me to understand what the following mean please;
    a) 306/27 S/L Rgt
    b) Discharge Para 204(ii) 22.09.1951

    Does 20.04.1946 2T mean that this person transferred to the territorial reserve list?

    Kind regards
    B Richards
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    Hi Tim,
    Thank you, appreciated. I look forward to reading more about them. Kind regards B Richards
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    I reckon that the reference to Discharge Para 204(ii) is a reference to that paragraph in the then current Kings Regulations. No idea what it says!
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    I think
    the 2 is actually a Z - he was put on the Z list, so he was discharged but if needed for future combat would be called back up, T is probably for Territorial?


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    Thanks Chris, i’ll share the answer as soon as I find out. Regards B Richards
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    Hi Robert, thanks, I found this which suggests ‘transferred to territorial reserve list. Regards B Richards
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