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  1. Jane Harris

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    Good evening,
    Help please. Just received fathers records from Army Personnel Centre and having some trouble with abbreviations. Under military history is the abbreviation Rtop leave 30.01.46 to 08.04.46. Just wondered if anyone else has come across this and is able to decipher. Many thanks in advance. Janice
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Past experience leads me to ask if you could post a scan a copy of the queried entry please?

    It’s often the case that new members misread a handwritten entry.

    I’m not familiar with the term RTOP. The acronym that I think might be the one you have found is LIAP - Leave In Addition to Phython. Phython was a scheme to permit personnel with over 3 years overseas service to return home for a month.

  3. Jane Harris

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    Thank you so much. I will have an attempt at scanning a copy but have to admit I am a bit of a Neanderthal when it comes to uploading 'photos and scans. Regards, Janice
  4. Jane Harris

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    Back again Tullybrone. Attached, hopefully, is the appropriate section. Thanks again.

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  5. Tullybrone

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    It is probably LIAP written in the style of the times - although 3 months leave seems excessive without seeing the context in the full service file.

    I’m sure there will be a corresponding entry on one of his B103 forms.

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  6. PackRat

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    Those last two letters look like they could possibly be '...op' so might it be a very quickly written ‘Lilop’ (Leave in Lieu of Python)?
  7. Jane Harris

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    Thanks very much to you both. I will go through the rest of the papers sent by MoD to see if there are further clues. Being a novice at this, not sure where I could find his B103 form?
  8. Jane Harris

    Jane Harris Member

    Found the form, a few pages entitled B103 in the documents sent. Thanks

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