A tribute to RAF Coastal Command from The Merchant Navy Christmas 1943

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  1. Peter Clare

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    Found this whilst looking for other things, thought it might be of interest........

    A Tribute from the Cargo Liners (December 1943)

    The following letter has been sent to the A. 0. C.-in-C. Coastal Command (Slessor) by Colonel D. H. Bates, Chairman of Thomas and John Brocklebank, Ltd., " The oldest shipping line in the world still afloat."

    Christmas is a period when one naturally thinks a good bit of others, and it has been my custom for many years to send a copy of my own Company's Christmas message to our many Friends with my best thanks and good wishes.
    Coastal Command has indeed been a Friend to the men at sea, whom I have the honour to serve, and so I hope you, as C.-in-C. Coastal Command will accept this letter and its enclosure as a sincere but totally inadequate expression of thanks for the magnificent support you and those under your command have given my men at sea in this heavy " cyclone."
    No words of mine can possibly describe the sense of comfort and security which air cover brings to these Merchant Seamen and its growth and increase this year has been of inestimable value to them.
    Being a perfect stranger to you I should perhaps explain that " Brocklebanks " are cargo liners, and we are proud of the fact that we are the oldest Shipping Line in the world still afloat.
    Again my very grateful thanks and with every possible good wish to you and all those under your command for 1944.
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    Thank you for sharing Peter.

  3. Smudger Jnr

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    Thank you for sharing this most wonderful letter.

    I wonder if it was circulated to Coastal Command Squadrons.

  4. aussie_59

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    Have not come across this in any of the ORB's or appendices. I'm sure it was circulated, but I wonder how it was distributed, official communique or newspaper print? Good for morale at the very least, let the boys know their efforts are appreciated.

    Any sources noted for this Peter?
  5. Peter Clare

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    I believe it would have come from the document The Coastal Command Review for WW2. As I have said I was looking for other things when I came across it and posted it pretty quick without noting the source.



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