A question regards the Eastern Front.

Discussion in 'The Eastern Front' started by 4th wilts, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. 4th wilts

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    o.k ladies and gents.was it hitlers intention to create living space in the east,as i have heard from mein kamf,or was hitler absolutely determined to destroy the red army at any price.i have heard that all the germans had to do do was kick in the door and the lot would crash down.what were the orders given to commanders attacking russia.lee.:).

    Lee, I thought this deserved it's own thread as it concerns the events up to 1941 rather than Kursk in 1943.
  2. 4th wilts

    4th wilts Discharged

    is anyone in agreement with my own opinion,that if hitler was after juust living space,his armies should or could have attacked and held the line of the dneper river.if so then the russians would have a different,stronger enemy.hitler would certainly have his living space.yours,lee.
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    Russian Lebensraum was inextricable from the eradication of the local 'Untermensch' in Nazi ideology. Obviously the first could not exist without the second.

  4. 4th wilts

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    does anyone know of any german officers,who actually put forward plans differing from barbarossa,if so,who and why.if it was just leibsrfaum,the germans would be in a good position after only oct 41.lee.
  5. Gerard

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    Hitler had one shot, and only one shot at the Soviet Army. June 1941 was it. It wasnt just a question of Holding the Dneiper it was to destroy the soviet state and enslave its peoples. The key to success was the treatment of the non-russian states in the Soviet Union such as Byelorussia and Ukraine. If the 3rd Reich had treated those peoples better then they may have supported Hitler over Stalin. Problem was, german ideology dictated that these people were to be treated the same as the Russians. so they were on a hiding to nothing. If they couldnt knock the russians out with Blitzkrieg then they would be overwhelmed.
  6. 4th wilts

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    am in agreement with you gott.the germans would have been overrun,the question is when.if you had a fortified area,along that line,with huge armoured reserves,the russians would i imagine struggle somewhat harder to breach.lee.

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