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    Could some one please clarify a point for me regarding seniority.
    In Jean Bouchery's The British Soldier - Fron D Day to VE Day for 158 Infantry Brigade he states:-
    From 3/8/1944
    60 7th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers
    61 1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
    62 1/5th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers

    However Hodges/Taylor's British Military Markings has the same 3 regiments but states:-
    From November 1944
    60 1st East Lancs
    61 1/5th Welch Fusiliers
    62 7th Welch Fusiliers

    I thought that the Brigades were set up on seniority. Which of the above is correct or are both right?


  2. idler

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    Neither of them?

    RWF were the senior regiment (23rd Foot) to the E Lan R (30th Foot). However, the final iteration may be a result of regulars pulling rank on the TA. The earlier version might reflect the order in which the battalions came into the brigade.
  3. Owen

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    The original 158 Bde according to the 53 Div history was
    4 RWF
    6 RWF
    7 RWF
    later it was
    7 RWF
    1 East Lancs
    1/5 Welch Regt

    notice 1/5 Welch Regt not Fusiliers
    Welch Regt were 41st & 69th Foot
  4. KevinT

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    Hi Owen,

    Thanks for the correction.

    That is how Bouchery original list them as you state.
    But my question really relates to a IWM photo B10134
    The photo is dated 20/9/1944 and say "Troops from 1/5 Welch Regiment cross Maas-Schelde canal". In the foreground is a carrier with 60 as the AoS. The owner of the carrier is what I was trying to identify hence the question about seniority. IWM photo attached.

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