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Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by Vladd, Aug 26, 2010.

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    Vladd, I hope you are not going to say the magical words "What If", right?

    I'm not familiar with the Dover area, but up and down it, how many beaches do you have with easy access to the interior, between Margate and Folkestone?

    An invasion is usually made by large bodies of troops, and these need beach room and access to the mainland...

    I find this report, hmmm..., suspect.
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    I like the casual "After the shock troops had captured the docks at Dover, the plan was for the main contingent of German troops to be brought over in barges and disembark at the docks." OK so the RAF would be knocked out but what about the Royal Navy?
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    Who cares! Two quotes from another forum:

    Oh dear God no! Please NO! [​IMG]

    AHF has about a dozen different threads and who knows how many hundreds of pages. Armchair General hundreds of pages. Usenet a couple of hundred posts. And it's been here before too. [​IMG]
    Any plan that involves river barges fighting their way through the British fleet to land tanks which disembark by shooting the bows off with their cannon before piling beach sand in the stern to raise the shattered bow out of the water to sail back and get supplies before sailing back to England shows a willingness to think outside the box that simply has to succeed.

    More tea, Vicar?
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    The war was already over when this statement was made.

    Sounds rather iffy.

  6. Did this particular German go on to have a successful Hollywood writing career during the mid-60s I wonder, penning a number of WW2 themed action flicks with a small, determined group of special forces types pulling off unlikely victories against far superior forces?! Yes, it does sound a bit odd, and I fully appreciate and respect the 'what if' embargo so I'm off to bed now..
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    Strangely enough - this isn't in What If territory! :huh::lol:

    In his Operation Sealion, Peter Fleming notes that a strange plan to send a force of "500 motorboats" against the coast between Dover and Deal survived into the second version of Sealion plans as a secondary option....even though it BY THEN would have been well to the east of the easternment landings around Folkestone in the new "narrow front" version of Sealion.

    It's possible this surviving brainstorm - well, Sealion is FULL of them! - is what Janowski is referring to...
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    Vladd, I hope you are not going to say the magical words "What If", right?

    Let me take your coat and hat Za
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    Feel sure a corporal would have got it absolutely right. I wonder at the intelligence of British intelligence. I can only assume that the German intelligence was less than the intelligence of our intelligence, where was I........?

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