A History of the Queen's Bays (The 2nd Dragoon Guards) 1929-1945 Beddington, Major General W.R.

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    Andreas, That is a shame. To date, I have only looked at some specific journal entries. I shall try it properly soon.

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    Happy New Year to you all.
    I’m trying to determine the correct identification markings for the Queen’s Bays Sherman tanks during the 2nd battle at El Alamein. Unfortunately, all the official photographs of the time have the markings censored out. From research I’ve so far completed it looks likely there was a rhino on the front left mud guard and either an “86” on the right or a “40”. Can anyone confirm what the correct markings were? Also, does anyone know if the same ID was used on support vehicles, (i.e. trucks,etc)?

    Pete E
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    This from British Tank Markings and Names 1914-1945 by B. T. White (ISBN: 0 89747 080 X)

    Unit Code Signs.PNG

    The Bays then would have had the Unit code 40, in red, as the senior regiment of the Brigade.

    I would suggest trying to obtain a copy of the book. It is available from the subscription site Scribd.com: British Tank Markings and Names 1914-1945 | PDF (scribd.com).
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    I may as well try my luck, any mention of 1485931 Valentine Bryant, he was Royal Artillery but transfer to the Queens Bays March 1940
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    I shall check for you.
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    There is no mention of Valentine Bryant in the Regimental History, or the Nominal Roll of 25 November, 1941.
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    Cheers for checking, I thought it was a long shot as he wasn't wounded or decorated, the kind of things that would draw attention to him, odd he isn't in the nominal roll, possible he had moved on - another in the ever growing awaiting Service records bundle
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