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    I've got a copy of the excellent "The SAS and LRDG Roll of Honour, 1941-47" by Ex-Lance Corporal X, QGM and i recently read an entry that mentioned A force. The entry was not about A force instead it was about a SAS or LRDG member but i remember the entry stating that they escorted A force on an operation of some description.

    I'll go back and look for the entry. I appreciate it won't further your research much but may be interesting background.

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    Hi Mac,

    I've sent the OP a message to alert him to your post as he hasn't been on the forum for over a year. Hopefully he will
    get it and reply.



    I understand that the SAS LRDG Roll of Honour book is an excellent read.

    Who knows maybe the anonymous author will see your post one day, via the wonders of a google search, and appreciate the feedback.
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    Hi Sorry to jump in your thread , but need some help as I cannot seem to find the Create Post button , could someone help? I have posted previously

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    Hi Allan,

    There should be a Post New Thread button in the upper right, when you are looking at one of the forums, like "General".
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    Hi thanks found it
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