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    Nice find Za, I just spent about an hour there!
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    Great site Za.

    Posted this on another thread last night from Rommel which is praise for how they went about their business.

    Rommel also had praise for the British troops, commenting on their discipline, bravery and most particularly their "special operations" (Commando and S.A.S. manoeuvres, etc.). He referred many times to the toughness and determination of all the Commonwealth forces, especially the Australian and New Zealand soldiers, and horrified the Nazi generals when he grudgingly admitted an admiration for the tenacious performance of the "coloured Englishmen" of the Indian Divisions. He was surprised and impressed that these men, from such different parts of the world could come together and fight as an effective Commonwealth Army.
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    Good find Za, an interesting site.
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    Another favourite to the list. Thanks Za!

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