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    I am transcribing my Grandfather's Service Record (UK Army) 116 Battery 127 Regiment LAA Royal Artillery. Can anyone tell me what these abbreviations mean. The A&D relates to a posting to Regimental Headquarters.
    Thank you. Linda
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    Welcome to the forum.

    It’s often easier for members to assist if they are able to have sight of the queried original document.

    Could you possibly attach it please?

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    I should correct my first post its 416 Battery, 127 Regiment LAA Royal Artillery

    Here's the Transcribed version
    416/127 Regt........Attached to 8th LAA P.C. W.E.F. 12/6/42........Whatchet........Gnr........12 June 1942

    416/127 Regt........Attached to 127 LAA RHQ for A&D and to 439 LAA Battery for P&R W.E.F 16/6/42........Whatchet........Gnr........17 June 1942

    416/127 Regt........C.T.B.A RHQ & 439 Battery W.E.F. 1/7/42........Chilbolton........Gnr........1 July 1942

    416/127 Regt........Privilege Leave 4 – 12/10/44........Andover........Gnr........6 October 1942

    416/127 Regt........Attached to C.R.S. Chislehurst 30/11/42........Sidcup........Gnr........18 December 1942

    416/127 Regt........Discharged C.R.S. 11/12/42........Sidcup........Gnr........18 December 1942

    Here's the image of this part of the page relating to the abbreviations. "A&D" and "P&R"
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    He is on the rolls for two different units; those abbreviations are under what capacities.

    127 LAA RHQ for A&D

    Is probably:
    Administration and Discipline.

    439 LAA Battery for P&R

    Is probably:
    Pay and Rations.

    Sorry I can't say for sure.
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    Thank you so much.
    If you can, could you please to explain what "Administration and Discipline' involves/means.
    And also what 'Pay and Rations' imvolves/means.
    Thanks again,

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    The record is of which unit is responsible for administering certain elements. Pay and Rations is just what it says on the tin - Feeding him and paying him. Administration and discipline is keeping his paperwork up to date, dealing with any requests or complaints he may have or any complaints etc against him.

    BTW P&R is a standard abbreviation for Pay and Rations and A& D is also a standard - at least they were when I was involved with MOD administrative systems back in the 70s When I was seconded to the Civil Service my letter of secondment made it clear that for the period of secondment my employer would still remain responsible for P&R - I still drew my salary from them but on a day to day basis the CS would be responsible for assigning me and monitoring my performance. In other words I got my pay from one and my orders from the other.
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    Thank you, Robert.

    Was tied up with work and had no time to reply.
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    Thank you all for you help and information. It all begins to make sense now

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