A Couple of "Big Macks" in 1/76

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    Here are a recently completed scratch-built Mack NR9 GS and a Milicast Mack NO with their soon-to-be-released 155mm Long Tom. The Mack NR9 is depicting a vehicle of the 46th General Transport Coy RCASC - 2nd Cdn Corps in France 1944 and the Mack NO/Long Tom is finished for the 53rd Heavy Regiment RA - 8 AGRA - British 2nd Army in Germany 1945.
    Truck grills and light guards were courtesy of Ilian Filipov, decals from Pete Marshall (Aleran), the NR driver from Milicast, other figures, truck mirrors, wipers and steering wheels from Dan Taylor Modelworks. The cab was courtesy of Les Freathy and was mastered by Richard Allebone while the Long Tom was courtesy of Dave Rhodes and was mastered by him. My profound thanks to these gents for their kind assistance.



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  2. Dave55

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    Great work, per usual! Great subjects too.
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    Really nice Neil!
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    Yum, Yum.

    Two of my favourites.

    Only yesterday I was tidying my photos of Operation Plunder. Here is one of 155mm with Mack NO tractors being positioned.

    rhine 33.jpg

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    Very good, lovely weathering and shading, thanks for sharing, David
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    Thanks Dave, Dave, Mike and Mike (sound like I'm stuttering) for your kind words and Mike S. thanks for the excellent photo. That is the first I have seen of the NO in British service and it is using the limber which was rare with the NO at least from the American standpoint. The gun was usually attached directly to the truck. I think if mine wasn't attached so securely to the gun with airlines etc., I would be tempted to change it but at this point, it is what it is and will have to stay that way. Again, thanks for posting this photo as it answers a lot of questions. Note the Scammell R100 in the background which were used as a second tractor and also as the ammunition truck.


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    Neil thank you for posting excellent work

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    Here are some pictures of an NO that I took at the Mack Museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 2012. This one has a closed cab that I think might have been put on after the war. If it was they did a great job.

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