A Company 1st Batt Ox & Bucks Light Infantry WW2

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  5. Steve 2

    Steve 2 Member

    Great photographs
    I enjoyed looking at each one
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  6. Thank you
  7. AGR59

    AGR59 New Member

    Hi Aileen
    I’m not sure if you still use this forum but despite you posting this excellent collection of photographs and documents of your fathers, I’ve only just spotted them.
    Absolutely amazing.
    My interest in them stems from the fact that I’m researching my own fathers exploits with the 1st bn. OBLI.
    Like you, sadly, I lost him a number of years ago and I also didn’t grill him sufficiently when I had the chance.
    I do have one or two stories and have relatively recently obtained the war diaries for his unit from 1944 to 1945. Very interesting to read of their arrival in France to their journey up through France, Belgium, Holland and finally Germany itself. Difficult to comprehend and believe my father was actually involved in some of the actions in question. Please let me know if you would like any particular event or date looking up.
    I’ve scanned the faces meticulously and got very excited when I thought I’d found my father on one, but a duplicate photo in the collection (this time with names) proved me wrong.
    Kind regards
    Andrew Rippin

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