A Company 1st Batt Ox & Bucks Light Infantry WW2

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  1. Hello all.
    I am finally sorting out my father's photo albums. He passed away some while ago. I am interested in what he did during, and post war WW2, and as often happens, it is too late to ask. I have found photographs that I would like to share of his Company, and some individual soldiers, an NCO course photo, all different ones. I thought other relatives can see possibly their family, and places they have been, if it was possible to post them here. Also acknowledging my father's service for future generations.
    Could I please have a helping hand in, firstly saying that is ok to do so, and secondly, how? There are lots, and would like to include the backs of some where he has written names. Should I create an album, or add individually? Sorry, I can't seem to find the information by myself. Thank you in advance
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    Hello Aileen


    One document you should really obtain that will tie all the photos and act as a basis for history is his service record, and you can obtain a copy of it from - Request records of deceased service personnel for a small sum. Well worth the expense.

    With his service record acting as a skeleton start an album, and perhaps start a thread on him, his units, his area(s) of WW2 and perhaps beyond to provide you and your family a focal point

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    Welcome. This is a brilliant site on which to place the photographs for all to see and I'm sure an expert will be along to guide you how to do it.
    Have you also thought of contacting the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum (Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum – Conflict & County), they cover the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry and would probably welcome copies of the photographs as well.

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  4. Evening, and thank you Tim.

    I've been trying to find suitable sites, and sometimes do not get replies, so I was beginning to lose heart a bit. I thought the British Army would have some sort of archive, but I couldn't find that either. Maybe I'm just not good at searching!

    I will be very happy to send them to the museum, thank you. I have some names alongside a few, and was keen for searching relatives to be able to find them.

    I can see how I would attach a photo/file to the thread, but there so many that I wasn't sure if that was the way forward.

  5. Thank you TD, sorry, only just seen your reply

    I will get the form, and thank you for the advice.

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    Oddly enough I may be able to ID quite a few of these, would be extremely interested to see.

    John Robert's two volume Enshrined in Stone is essential reading on 1 Oxf & Bucks, potentially the best Battalion history ever written.
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    There is a possibility my grandfather was company A also.
    I too have a photograph of him on a course with 3 other ncos,sadly none of them named
    However I am really looking forward to seeing your photographs
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  8. Thank you Swiper, and Steve 2.
    I am so glad to receive your interest and help.
    My son has told me that my Dad gave him a photo with lots of names on it. I will be very pleased when he brings that over and I can scan it. I will start scanning tomorrow, and will send off for his service record.
    I shall look for that book too, thank you.
    Regards, Aileen
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    Second from the left is my grandfather
    Cpl David pottinger 1st btln obli
    Taken circa 1939
    Died 22/05/40 in or around hollain
    No known grave.
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    Hi Steve
    I have the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire light infantry war chronicles, covering that date, I will have a look the weekend, to see if i have any info in it.
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    Hi Adam
  12. Evening,
    I have scanned the album now and edited. My sister had documents I wasn't aware of, so apart from her working out an exact chronological order of his movements to add, I'm ready to go. Could someone please tell me if I can make an album on here. I have about 50 images to upload. I thought there might be a simpler way than an individual image per message on the thread. Sorry to be a nuisance, but I have looked, and can't see how. Thank you
  13. I am uploading his photo album in page order, true to as I found it. Some are more the sights of where he was, so you may need patience going through those, but plenty of other photos of the men. I hope they are as much of a pleasure to you as they are my family. I have also tried to scan the photos of the men on a higher resolution, so that even at a close zoom facial recognition should be easy
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