9th Heavy Battery RCA and the Grumman Goblin

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    I just came across this in the War Diary of the 9th Heavy Battery, RCA. The battery was manning two breach-loading 8-inch Mk VII-A howitzers in East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia on July 23rd, 1941 at Lloy Station on Porter's Lake. It looks like a pilot from the 118th Fighter Squadron, RCAF based at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia went a little too far with his plane. See the account for the day in the War Diary entry.

    050.jpeg Grumman_Goblin.jpg
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    If you use Google maps you can find the indications of the Battery's position that still exist today. Here is a map of the position from 1940.

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    It is amazing how many pilots were killed in training and/or non-combat operations. My wife's uncle was killed in 1943 during a botched landing.
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    Look what happened four days, on July 29th, at the same Battery. It is amazing that this squadron was the only fighter defence in Eastern Canada at the time! 051.jpeg
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    Ultimately there were 37 home based squadrons in the RCAF with another 48 overseas. In 1941, most were already in Europe. .
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