9th Bn Royal Sussex Regiment

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    I was hoping you might see it before it went by Sylvia.
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    Thanks for flagging this up. The recipient of the Second World War group was Sgt "Sandy" Williams, a colleague of my fathers and one of the founders of the Pinwe Club. Both men were in the Mortar Platoon. I believe Sandy lived in Sussex and was killed in a road accident later in his life. His death caused the inevitable closure of the Pinwe Club.
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    Medals to Major AW. Butcher up for auction next month (February 2021):

    Lot Preview, Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (17 February 2021) | Dix Noonan Webb

    Major A. W. Butcher, Royal Sussex Regiment

    General Service 1918-62, 1 clasp, Palestine (6398273. Pte. A. Butcher. R. Suss. R.) surname officially corrected; 1939-45 Star; Africa Star; Burma Star; Defence and War Medals 1939-45, with M.I.D. oak leaf, mounted as worn, some staining to campaign stars, light contact marks, very fine (6) £100-£140

    Arthur William Butcher attested for the Royal Sussex Regiment and served with the 1st Battalion in pre-War Palestine. The battalion was in Egypt in 1939 and participated in the Western Desert campaign, accounting for the Africa Star in this group.

    Butcher was appointed to an Emergency Commission, from the rank of Company Sergeant Major, on 5 December 1942, and was advanced War Substantive Lieutenant the same day. He served with the 9th Battalion in Burma, and was Mentioned in Despatches ‘in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Burma’ (London Gazette 19 September 1946).

    Following the cessation of hostilities Butcher took a Regular Short Service Commission, and was promoted to Captain on 5 December 1948, and Major on 5 December 1955. He was subsequently attached to the Armament and Electrical Trades School in 1948 and then served with the 1st Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, W.A.F.F. He transferred to the Regular Army Reserve of Officers (Royal Sussex Regiment) on 1 October 1956, and relinquished his commission on 1 July 1959.

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    Thanks Bamboo,The name is new to me.Will have to have a dig around.Those elusive MIDs again!

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    Butcher may not have served with 9 R Sussex; he was a Capt with 11 KAR in Burma and his MID may well have been for that. Unfortunately his MID citation no longer exists.
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    I expect Bamboo was quoting from an auctioneers website, which may not be accurate
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    I was Sylvia. I saw the potential connection and thought of you really. It's good that Jitter Party has made the connection to the 11 KAR.

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    I was aware of that; I was trying to save your time hunting him down and looking for a non-existent citation.
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    Thanks guys
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    were does the 11th kar info come from cant find him on any kar army lists ive found ?

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    Try 'The Eleventh (Kenya) Battalion King's African Rifles 1941 to 1945'
    Originally published 1946, but with a later reprint available.

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