9th bn Royal Berkshire Rgt

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  1. Steve Mac

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    Hello marauder,

    It certainly suggests he served in logistics... Not my area, unfortunately. You should PM Tom Canning; see if he can assist!


  2. marauder125

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    Thanks Steve I will do that,
  3. wtid45

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    I do not believe that the Python and Liap schemes had numbers attached - what was cause of much conversation was the "age and service" number attached to all records - and never changed and was based on date of enlistment only.

    The Python and Liap schemes were based on service overseas and did change over the period from the end of the war in Europe - in my own case I had Liap followed by Python and shortly afterwards - demobilisation within a twelve month period -

    I got used to the trip from Austria - all across Northern Italy- Switzerland and France - and back ...
    Thanks for that Tom,.......where did they get all these names from:huh:
  4. Tom Canning

    Tom Canning WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    WTID -
    probably some old retired Colonel doodling in a back office of the war house - he also came up with the list of Battle names as well so he earned his OBE - Our Boy's Efforts
  5. marauder125

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    Hi Tom,
    many thanks for the time and effort you put in with the PMs, it was very helpfull
    and reminded us of the Time Charlie said he bumped into one of his brothers on a train station in India, probably the one who went to Burma, what odds would you get on that happening.
    Many Thanks
  6. Tom Canning

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    Marauder -
    not a problem - that is what the forum is all about and it is full of knowledgeable types who give of that knowledge gladly - must say though that the records were appallingly completed by someone suffering greatly from "Deolali Tap" and trust he got over that malady before returning to the Uk - although - he probably finished up
    in Parliament with the rest of the 'elf & safety fruit and nut bars....
  7. Carl

    Carl Now resident in Belgium...

    I realise this thread has been dormant for a while, however, I immediately recognised the surname Howlett from a book I have just finished called 'Slims Burma Boys'. The book was written by John Hill MC who was OC B Coy, 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment in Burma between Nov 44 and Jun/Jul 45. Chapter 1 of the book (pages 23-29) details a Corporal Howlett, a patrol commander who during the last training serial 'a river crossing' in India saved a young signaller from drowning. Hill describes Howlett, twenty three, from London's East End, as strong, fit and cheerful.

    Although, from reading the thread of messages above this is unlikely to be your father-in-law it may well be the other brother. More than likely just another random coincidence that this forum seems to throw up every now and again!
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    Hi Steve, I can confirm MC stands for Movement Control and not Motor Control, Movement Control came under the control of the Royal Engineers but officers and soldiers were drafted in to help with its roll, basically they controlled all the movement of troops and stores moving mainly by Rail, they would be stationed at the main railheads working as Rail Transport Officers and the OR's would mainly be carrying out clerical duties.
    If I can help further please don hesitate to contact me, I am the Historical secretary of the Movement Control association

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