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  1. Graham White

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    Trying to find information about my late farther' REME units in WW2. R.L. White.
    He was originally in Leicester and I have only 2 photos of him in service. One at 9th AFV Leicester and the other ar 19 VRD at Ottershaw Park nr Chertsey.
    I do know from the Ottershaw Park website that it accomodated 19 VRD for vehicle preparation and storage of them prior to D Day. I also know that there was an 8th AFV depot at New Parks in Leicester and he could well have been at that site as he lived close by there after the War. There is no mention of a 9th AFV though. Only what's written on the photo.

    The Army records site returns only his name, nothing else. I believe he was UK based only and didnt serve overseas but I can't confirm.
    I do have a work book of his, from a training session he attended on Bren Gun Carrier maintenance in Manchester stating that he was in "Squad L, REME", plus his service number, but nothing else at all. he died in the 1970's when I was a child so I never got the chance to ask him about this.

    I hope to enquire at the REME museum when it re-open in Lynehan, but wonder if anyone could shed any light on this mystery or give me some pointers as to where to try next. Any info, help, pictures or history is much appreciated. Any idea why there would be no details against his service number other than his name on the Army Records site?

    Many thanks
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  3. Graham White

    Graham White New Member

    Hi Clive,
    Thanks for your enquiry.
    Had just applied to the Get a copy of military service records - GOV.UK service. We looked on www.forceswarrecords.co.uk but to no avail other than confirming his name and thus proving that the number was correct.

    Farthers service number was 14355601 Squad L No16. REME.
    I dont know if he was called up or enlisted prior to REME formation in '42 as I have not found anything to say he was in the RAOC. It may have been that he was in a reserved occupation as a Master Plumber and Steam Engineer prior to 1939.

    At the end of the war, he received his War medal which had the Central Leicester issuing address on the box so his records probably remained in Leicester too, so I am confident that he enlisted there.
    If anyone has any interest in or information about 9th AFV or 19 VRD then I will upload the only two photos I have, if they are help to others.
    Interesting, in these photos and in some "home on leave" ones we have he is in 1940 pattern service dress and cap not Beret, but without any insignia or cap badge in any of the pictures. May not be important, but would love to know if that is significant or deliberate?

  4. Mr Bradbury

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    Hi Graham.,

    Once you have your fathers service record you will have a good idea which units he served in. Hopefully one of us may have some info on them. You can look for them here War Diary Search Engine - Arcre


  5. Graham White

    Graham White New Member

    Hi Colin,
    Many thanks for the info. Still waiting for his records.
    Have found a few No. 8 AFV depot photos with Shermans, Cromwells and Bren Gun Carriers, some from results from IWM and book excerpts. No. 9 AFV is a complete mystery!
    19 VRD hasnt produced any results other than being able to confirm its existance at Ottershaw Park and it basic purpose.

    Hopefully, his records will shed a little more light on the matter.
    Will post an update when it arrives.
    Thanks again for your interest.
  6. Mr Bradbury

    Mr Bradbury Junior Member

    Hi Graham,

    Look forward to your updates... solve th 9 AFV question!



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