97th (Kent Yeomanry) Field Regiment - 81st anti tank .....

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  1. Can anyone help me find out information about the 97th Kent Yeomanry ...

    My Grandad Lance Corporal Ernest Brentnall served from 1941 in Paiforce, 10th Indian Div and 7th Armoured ... we didn’t know a thing about his war service as he said he was in Royal Engineers and didn’t see any action ... I’ve managed to get his Africa Star and service medals from HM Gov and his regiment was on his service papers!

    Does anyone know much about the action this regiment saw??? Or anyone who knew my Grandad??
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    You have confused me. Are you saying that he was in the Royal Artillery or the Royal Engineers. If he saw no action then he could not have been in either 97 Fd Regt RA or 81 AT Regt RA because they were both in the thick of it in Italy in 1944.


  4. Hi Frank

    Sorry it is confusing cause My grandad told us he was in Engineers but it seems from the demob papers I got with his Medals that he was telling us fibs!!!! He was a builder by trade and didn’t have to sign-up but he told me he didn’t want to let his mates think he was a coward so he signed up and his papers tell me originally with Anglians in Norfolk then he transferred to 97th Yeomanry.

    I would imagine he did this to stop me asking so many questions about the war as it was always my thing and I would sit for hours at his social club and legion asking all his mates where they served!!

    He was definitely in 97th and 81AT - what he did tell me seems to make sense about Iraq, Middle East and then Palestine where he staying until 1946! ... he said he was peacekeeping between the Jews and Arabs and it was nasty, he never mentioned Italy!
  5. Thanks Tricky - I’ll have a butchers at archives you’ve referenced .... I fear I’ve left it too late to ever be in contact with any of his mates - he told me he was in Engineers and never saw action until Palestine but I doubt that is true now and he clearly didn’t want to talk about it. He died very young was only 64 back in 1984 and I was still in short trousers ;(
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  6. Thanks TD that’s brilliant

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