96th Battery RA.

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    I am trying to find out more information on the above Unit.I know it was part of 19 Brigade in WW1 and survived the War,it was still extant in 1933 at Bordon,but after that i cant find anymore information.Any information would be greatfully recieved.
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    Here is the service of 19th Field Regiment, RA, which includes 96th Field Battery, RA:

    19th Field Regiment, RA
    Station: Bordon
    Batteries: 29th/97th, 39th/96th

    The regiment served a field regiment of 1st Infantry Division from the outbreak of war until 31 August 1945. It was mobilized at Bordon and embarked for France with the division at Southampton on 19 September. By 20 September 1939, it was in positions at Ennetière-en-Weppes. Shortly after it moved into positions north of Tempeleuve near 3rd Infantry Brigade. It first went into action on the Dyle on 11 May with RHQ at Overrysshe. It then moved to Bosch and Foucroix on 18 May. It eventually withdrew to Dunkirk and was in action near Ghyvelde with RHQ at Bray Dunes. It left France on 1 June. It was reorganized on 14 January 1941 with 29th, 39th, and 96th/97th Batteries.

    The regiment left the United Kingdom on 27 February 1943 and arrived by sea in North Africa on 9 March. It remained there until 10 June 1943, when it landed at Pantelleria. It returned to North Africa on 15 June. It left by sea on 5 May 1943 for Italy, where it arrived on 7 May. It remained there until 27 January 1945, when it left for Palestine. It arrived there on 2 February and remained there until the end of the war.
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    17th LAA Regiment - if it is an AA regiment but date of formation might suggest otherwise?
    These pages are from the 22nd AA Brigade Diary WO175-371 covering North Africa Oct 42 to June 43 and there are lots of entries in the 17th LAA Regiment diary WO175-420

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    Hi bigmull.

    Frederick (Lineage Book of British Land Forces) has the following:

    01/06/1924 19th Field Brigade, RFA redesigned as 19th Field Brigade, RA, with 29th, 39th, 96th and 97th Batteries

    11/05/1938 Reorganised as 19th Field Regiment, RA with 29/97th Battery and 39/96th Battery

    14/01/1941 Reorganised on a three battery basis with 29th, 39th and 96/97th Batteries

    01/04/1947 Regiment redesignated as 48th Field Regiment, RA

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