94th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery

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    Usual request please for the 94th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery.
    Batteries and movements 1940 - 1942.

    Thanks, David W.
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    94th Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A. (T.A.)
    HQ, 291st Bty: Turnhouse, Edinburgh
    228th (Edinburgh) Bty: Edinburgh
    292nd Bty: Musselburgh

    The regiment recruited from the banks, insurance, law and other professional offices in Edinburgh. At the outbreak of war, the regiment was serving under 36th AA Brigade and mobilized at Edinburgh. On 7 March 1940, 228th Battery was deployed to defend Aberdeen. 261st Battery replaced 228th Battery on 14 February 1941 when that battery was sent to Gibraltar. 261st Battery was independent from 22 April to 23 July 1941. The regiment was sent to Egypt in April 1941 and arrived on 13 June. It was sent to the desert and served under 12th AA Brigade in the rear areas of the front. It remained under the brigade in the desert campaign from November 1941 until January 1943, when it transferred for a short period to 2nd AA Brigade in the Tripoli area. It returned to 12th AA Brigade by May 1943 under 8th Army. It then remained in the Middle East including Palestine and Egypt until the regiment and batteries were placed into suspended animation on 26 July 1944.
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    Thank you David.
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    I've just started on the WD of 292 HAA Bty, 94 Hy. A.A. Regt., here are some snippets:D:

    26 April 1941
    2000 Sailed in convoy [from Gourock on HMT Aronda F.4].

    13 June 1941
    1100 Arrived at Port Suez.

    14 June 1941
    1045 Disembarked at Port Tewfik and entrained for Cairo.
    1545 Detrained at Ghiza 1630 hrs. Arrived at Camp D. Beni Yusef.

    [then training at Beni Yusef camp until...]

    18 July 1941 Helwan
    292 Bty. less rear party, + 291 Bty, less R.H. Bty. + B.H.Q., take over P.O.W. Guard [at Helwan POW Camp No.304].

    28 July 1941 Helwan
    700 (approx) German prisoners depart en route for Australia.

    9 August 1941 P.O.W. Camp, Helwan
    Battery relieved of P.O.W. Camp Guard duties by unit of N.Z.E.F.

    No signs of guns yet!!

    Don't tell Churchill, he'll go apoplectic:mad:. Wasted shipping space, 2 months in Middle East without guns, why ask for (or send) AA personnel if you're not going to use them, etc.


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    Good news for Winston's blood pressure!:D

    19 August 1941 Garawi
    8 – 3.7 with 2 Predictors, 2 Heightfinders, 2 I.Ts and all accessories arrive.


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    Here's the 94th locations from Aug to Dec 1942 extracted from the diaries.

    14/08/1942 Amiriya
    24/10/1942 El Kanabish
    05/11/1942 El Alamein
    06/11/1942 Daba
    09/11/1942 Bagush
    10/11/1942 Charing Cross
    11/11/1942 Sidi Barrani
    12/11/1942 Gambut
    15/11/1942 Martuba
    25/11/1942 Msus
    30/11/1942 Antelat
    09/12/1942 Melah El Nogra
    21/12/1942 El Merduma
    31/12/1942 Nofilia

    My father was a driver with the 94th Regiment RAOC/REME Workshop.

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    292 Bty moved to Matruh at the end of August and were "in action" at Matruh from the beginning of September - extract from movement order:

    "292 Hy AA Bty will move by road GERAWI to MATRUH as follows.

    Adv party strength Offrs 3 ORs 27 Vehs 2 M/Cs 1 departed under unit arrangements 25 AUG.
    Main party moves in two speed groups.
    Slow Convoy strength Offrs 4 ORs 120 Vehs 22 M/Cs 2 Guns 8 dep 28 AUG.
    Fast Convoy strength Offrs 5 ORs 200 Vehs 28 M/Cs 2 dep 29 AUG. Det RASC ORs 5 Vehs 5 accompanies".

    292 Battery then remained in Matruh until 14 November, joining 22nd Guards Brigade on 17th November (1/2 battery with 3 Coldstream Gds and 1/2 with 9 Rifle Brigade) with the following roles:

    "3 Coldstream Gds (and attached forces) are detailed for protection of forward F.S.D. at 4532 and 9 R.B. and attached forces for protection of forward F.S.D. at 4634."

    By the end of December 1941, the Battery was in Benghasi.


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    Can anyone provide same info for 261 battery 94 HAA for the same period? My late uncle was a gunner with this unit.
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    I was wondering if you could assist with the war diary entry for 23rd January 1943, reason I ask is a local man was killed serving with the battery that day. Thanks in advance

    Richard Scott
    Rank: Gunner
    Service No: 1552177
    Date of Death: 23/01/1943
    Age: 40
    Regiment/Service: Royal Artillery, 292 Bty., 94 H.A.A. Regt.
    Commemorated at ALAMEIN MEMORIAL
    Location: Egypt
    Panel Reference: Column 37.
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    Hi Tom

    I'd also be quite interested in the January 1942 locations and actions.

    All the best

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    Hi John, here's what I have from my notes about Gunner Scotts death.

    Returning from leave, five members of 292nd HAA Bty were killed when their vehicle was caught up in a shrapnel mine explosion near Derna.

    · 1615348, Gunner Adam Prentice, of 292 Bty, died on 23rd January 1943, aged 38.

    · 1552177, Gunner Richard Scott, of 292 Bty, died on 23rd January 1943, aged 40.

    · 2063560, Gunner George Edward Stevens, of 292 Bty, died on 23rd January 1943, aged 22.

    · 1690262, Gunner William Milne Stevenson, of 292 Bty, died on 23rd January 1943.

    · 1609387, Gunner William Moores, of 292 Bty, was critically injured on 23rd January 1943 and taken to a casualty clearing station near Tarhuna, 50 miles south of Tripoli, by an ambulance of the 5th Light Field Ambulance. He sadly died of his wounds the following day, aged 32. He was the son of William and Julia Moores and husband to Elizabeth Ann Moores, of Byers Green, Spennymoor, Co. Durham. He was laid to rest at the Tripoli War Cemetery.

    All except Gunner Moore are commemorated on the Alamein War Memorial. They are also honoured on the 94 HAA memorial in St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.


    Hope this helps

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    Hi Gus, I am researching William Stevenson. The war diary indicates he was killed on the 23rd along with three others. Your note indicates that he died the following day - I am interested in any details you have please?

    Also, you reference Gunner Moores as the dyeing later from injuries - however, the diary references a 1690283 army number as the soldier wounded, multiple mine wound... but, there is no one with that number remembered on the CWGC website. a mystery I hope you can clarify please?

    Regards, Pete
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    Hi Pete

    According to the British Army Casualty lists 1939-1945, Gunner Stevenson was killed in action in Libya on 23/01/43.

    CWCG link below:

    Casualty Details

    According to the British Army Casualty lists 1939-1945,Gunner Moores died of wounds in Libya on 24/01/43.

    CWCG link below:

    Casualty Details

    1690283 comes up in British Army Casualty lists 1939-1945 as Gunner J. Williamson, 292 Bty 94 HAA who was wounded but the date was not reported. He did not die of his wounds and therefore won't be found on CWGC website.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks Gus, very helpful...

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