93 year old Grandmother/Veteran honoured by German Govenment

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    A Sunderland grandmother who has tended German war graves in Castletown cemetery for more than 60 years has been honoured by the German Government.

    A 93-YEAR-OLD woman who has tended German war graves in a North-East cemetery for more than 60 years has been honoured at a moving ceremony.

    Mary Reid was guest of honour at civic reception, where Sunderland Mayor Councillor Doris MacKnight, invited Colonel Jörg Rütten the Military Attaché from the German Embassy in London and German Honorary Consul to present her with a medal - The Gold Cross of Honour of the German War Graves Commission.

    Woman, 93, who has tended German war graves in cemetery for more than 60 years has been honoured

    Sunderland woman honoured by German government

    93 year old Castletown woman honoured by the Germans


    Well done Mary!

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    I noticed another thread on here which dealt in part with those German graves which Mary had placed wreaths upon on behalf of their families ? Sadly the images which accompanied them disappeared when Photobucket moved the goalposts.
    Shot Down Germans?

    I have been in contact with `verrieres` (Jim) and managed to scrounge his images from that thread with the view of reposting them here?
    6/KG4 Heinkel He-111P-4, Wnr.3085 5J+GP

    The crew of Heinkel He-111P-4, Wnr.3085 5J+GP of 6/KG4 crashed at Bents Park,South Shields on the 16th February 1941 after being hit by Anti aircraftfire. The Heinkel then hit a balloon wire and crashed to the ground where it burnt fiercely. A parachute mine still onboard the aeroplane exploded killing one policeman PC Lamb and three fire fighters,Auxillary Firemen,Purvis, Renwick and Wharton and four members of the crew.
    Another seventeen members of the Police and Fire Services were wounded in the explosion some critically. The blazing wreck acted as a beacon for other aircraft who dropped their bombs close by.
    The casualties from this single incident were worse than those caused by the main air raid itself (3Dead 7 injured)

    Oberfähnrich Wilhelm Beetz
    (Born 23th September 1918 at Berlin-Karlshorst 16th February 1941 died in Hospital, South Shields)
    Other information ;-Bailed out sucessfully but landed on top of electrified trolly-bus wires (Tramcar)
    Wilhelm Beetz. buried Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery, Durham, England.
    War Graves Plot Section D Row 1 Grave 697. 16.2.41
    (Photo below)


    Karl Brutzem. Hylton (Born 10th March 1920 died 16th February 1941)
    Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery, Durham, England. War Graves Plot Section D Row 2 Joint Grave 735. 16.2.41 (below)
    Hauptmann Heinz Styra.( Born 10th February 1914 Blumenau died 16th February 1941) Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery, Durham, England. War Graves Plot Section D Row 2 Joint Grave 735
    Unteroffizier Helmut Jeckstadt. (Born 23th July 1922 Essen died 16th February 1941) Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery, Durham, England. War Graves Plot Section D Row 2 Grave 735. 16.2.41 (Below)
    Gefreiter (Corporal) Franz-Friedrich Janeschitz (born 2nd July 1917 at Leimersdorf died 16th February 1941) Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery, Durham, England. War Graves Plot Section D Row 1 Grave 698. 16.2.41 (Below)


    6/KG4 Heinkel He 111P (3065)

    On the night of the 5th September 1940 at 23;18hrs ,a 6/KG4 Heinkel He 111P (3065) received a direct hit from Anti Aircraft fire during a night bombing sortie and crashed in flames onto two houses in Suffolk Street,Hendon ,in Sunderland the houses were both set on fire and one person who had took refuge in a shelter was killed. 46 year old Mrs Rachel Stormont, was killed, her husband severely injured, and their 15-year-old daughter, was slightly injured.
    Oberlt H-W. Schröder, Uffz F. Reitz, Obergefr R. Marten and Gefr J. Wich were killed. Heinkel 5J+JP was totally destroyed. The remains of two of the crew were recovered from the wreckage of their aircraft and buried in Hylton Cemetery, Castletown.Schröder and Reitz bailed out but their chutes failed to develop and both were found several streets from the crash site with massive head injuries. All were buried with full military honours.
    The Northern Echo of September 7th 1940 reported how the plane was met by a "terrific barrage" of anti-aircraft fire. "According to our reporter, a shell appeared to score a direct hit. The plane broke up and came down burning in one of the most densely populated parts of the town. The major portion of the machine struck the roof of a house and then fell on to the air raid shelter where, a 46 year old women was killed her husband and 15-year-old daughter injured. Bombs from the crashed plane littered the surrounding streets, one of which exploded in Ward Street. Sunderland was one of the main targets of the German bombing raids, because of the importance of the Wear shipyards to the war effort.
    In 2002 during redevelopment work a mechanical digger found remnants of the crashed aircraft but what the digger uncovered next was to lead to hundreds of people spending several uncomfortable nights in local schools and community centres .A 1000lb bomb was uncovered and due to its condition had to be defused on site the operation lasting several days. The decision was made to transport the bomb to the beaches at Hendon/Ryhope for detonation .
    Several eye witnesses to the Heinkel`s last minutes were traced by the local press ,one witness Mrs Eve Douglas recalled "I remember the night it was shot down clearly, because it was my birthday. "I was living in Ryhope at the time and knew there was a raid, because I could hear the ack-ack battery in Grangetown "Then I saw the bomber caught up in the searchlights and saw it hit and going down in flames. "It was a quiet night and I could hear the cheers of the men manning the gun when they hit it." When the Police knocked on my door at three in the morning I realised the German plane was coming back to haunt us.
    It was also reported in the press that on that night in 1940 … 'crowds in the streets and people standing in doorways cheered wildly when this bomber was brought down'." I know these were different times but reading that line makes me uncomfortable as four young men Oberlt H-W. Schröder, Uffz F. Reitz, Obergefr R. Marten and Gefr J. Wich, and one women Mrs Stormont died ...... crowds cheered? "
    Oberleutnant Hans Werner Schröder
    Born 17th August 1913 Posen
    Died 5th September 1940
    Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery,Sunderland. (Above)
    Unteroffizier Franz Reitz
    Born 12th December 1916 Eschenbach
    Died 5th September 1940 Sunderland
    Buried;-Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery, Sunderland (Above)
    Obergefreiter Rudolf Marten
    Born 11th May 1915 Hamburg-Altona
    Died 5th September 1940 ,Sunderland
    Buried ;- Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery (Above)

    Obergefreiter Josef Wich
    Born 3rd July 1920 Nuremberg
    Died 5th September 1940 Sunderland
    Buried ;- Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery (Above)
    Crashed Heinkel (Suffolk St Sunderland)
    suffolk st 1.jpg
    suffolk st.jpg
    Funeral of Luftwaffe crew killed on September 5th 1940. (below)

    funeral luftwaffe 2.jpg
    funeral luftwaffe.jpg

    The crews were buried with full military honours however the Vicar ,Rev F E Marples of St Margarets in Castletown,insisted on the Swaztika coffin drapes being removed for the service within the church stating it was a `pagan symbol`

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    Junkers 88-4 from1/KGr coded S4+EH

    On the evening of the 15th January 1942 Junkers JU 88 S4+EH was involved in a raid on the North East Coast of England. At 1650hrs the JU 88 was hit by Anti Aircraft fire from one of the shore batteries the pilot was unable to control the aircraft and it spun into the sea just off the Tyneside Coast,no crew were seen to bail out of the stricken plane.
    On the 27th January a lone German body was washed up on the beach near to Tynemouth Haven,he was identified as Lt Dietar Andresen a crew member from the JU 88 He was buried at Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery he was 22 years of age.
    A second body was washed up shortly afterwards but could not be positively identified,it is thought he was either Feldwebel Franz Gruschka (Gunner) Unteroffizier Friedrich Pett (Pilot) or Unteroffizier Josef Scholze (Wireless Operator) the other missing crew from the Junkers.He was also buried at Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery as an unknown.
    Lieutenant Dieter Andresen
    Born 7th March 1919 Kiel
    Died 15th January 1942 at sea North East-Coast (Above)
    Unknown from Junkers JU 88 S4+EH

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    suffolk-1.jpg Sunderland Echo from September 1940 reporting the demise of 6/KG4 Heinkel He 111P (wk no 3065) coded 1H+HP

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