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    Help please with an entry in a record.

    First posting 9 Kings PTC - Primary Training Centre I'm OK with but which Kings nd where?

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    c1942, I believe the King's Regiment's ITC was No.19 at Formby (shared with a couple of other regiments). The associated PTC ought to have been No.69 (if I remember my old notes correctly). However, things did change throughout the war.

    If it's interpreted as 9th Bn, they might have been the King's Regt's training battalion?
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    Early in the war 1939-1940, the 9th Battalion was a training unit and for a time was part of the 55th (West Lancashire) Infantry Division. The original depot for the King's was the Seaforth Barracks, but this became overwhelmed as new recruits poured in and the depot was moved to Formby (as idler says).

    By April 1940, the 9th Battalion was performing coastal defence duties in Aldeburgh, East Anglia and continued this work along the east coast of England until late 1942. In January 1943 the 9th Bn moved to Dover, then to Eastbourne in May, where it suffered casualties from German air raids. The battalion then broke up providing drafts of men for other units, until June 1944, when it was disbanded.
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