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    Reminded by Ray's message: still looking for photos above, and of course also Steve's photos could make a great addition to www.8thriflebrigade.co.uk...
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    Hi there,
    My Uncle, Sergeant John Carr, was in 10 Platoon of G Company. He is mentioned on pages 36, 51, 67 of Noel Bells book, From the Beaches to the Baltic. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre and his medal and citation is in the Museum at St Martin des Besaces. I visited the museum in 2012. Does anyone know if the award was common or what reason it may have been awarded for? I am new to military history! My initial research was from letters my Aunt had that I received after she passed away in 2010. In 1997 my Aunt contacted Noel Bell regarding the medal who replied to her suggesting the museum in St Martin des Besaces would be an ideal place to send the medal. Noel Bell liaised with David Stileman who actually sent the medal to St Martin des Besaces.
    John army record stated he was "Wounded in Action" 5 April 1945 and evacuated back to England. After reading Beaches to Baltic he could have been injured when Stuka attacked as detailed on page 108.
    In the photos of G Company John is seated front row 5th from the left.
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    Hi Dave,

    I have just been to the museum at Saint Marin des Besaces, earlier this month, for the second time. A wonderful museum!
    Although I do not know about the Croix de Guerre, you might find it interesting to take a look at my website www.8thriflebrigade.co.uk. In it you will also find the 10 Platoon photo from post #7 in this thread, in which I believe one can also see your uncle, front row, fifth from left. If possible I would love to add other photos or an article about your uncle. If that is okay with you, you can contact me through this forum or through the contact form on the website.

    Regards, Ronald.
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    Well what are the chances of that!
    I had not looked in here for years and you should ask just a couple of weeks ago!
    Certainly I can have a look for any relevant photos Ray.
    Guess we need to start a conversation, I'll give it a go!
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    Looking forward to any 8RB photos or other information you can find. Would be nice if I could also add them to the 8th Rifle Brigade website. I recently added a section on Ray's father (Rfn. John Petrie): Members of the Bn. - 8th Rifle Brigade
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    Hi Steve my father was in G company too. He was badly injured in France and sent back to UK. I have the G company picture you have but cannot find him amongst everybody. Apart from that I know very little but would be like to see anything you have. I am trying to establish which platoon dad was in.
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    Regarding 8th Rifle Brigade and G Company: does anyone on here have ideas on where to find additional company or platoon photos to add to Group photos - 8th Rifle Brigade ?! I have looked at IWM and Hampshire archives (where also the archives of the RGJ museum are held) but I suppose there may be other archives to look at?
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    Could anyone tell me what sort of course this Rifleman took between 10 and 19 January 1944, and what result 'AX' means?

    Course Austin.jpg
  9. Hi there
    My Great Uncle was your Uncles Platoon Commander Lt Michael Lane who was wounded on the 28th June at Garvus and subsequently died of his wounds back in England on 1st July 44. Im glad that Sgt Carr took over and led the platoon with such distinction.
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    Hi Jonathan, Would love to add an item on your great uncle Michael Lane to Members of the Bn. - 8th Rifle Brigade. I will send you a message about it!

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