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    Hi everyone. Does anyone know anything at all about the Liverpool Irish on D-Day. My dad Joseph Smith was with the 8th Irish on D-Day, and landed on Juno beach at Mike Green near the village of Grey Sur Mer, along with Canadian forces, namely the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. I've been told that the Liverpool Irish were part of the 7th beach group, but I'm not sure. Is this right ? If so what was the beach groups job. My dad stayed on Juno for 6 weeks before his battalion was disbanded. He was transferred to the 1st Batt The Royal Ulster Rifles.
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    From the battalion war diary on DDay:
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    Hi Drew,
    Thanks for these war diaries which are very interesting. I haven't seen these before, but there are some snippets that are familiar. I want to try and find out what the beach groups did during the 6 weeks after the initial landings. I know what my dad's new batt., the 1st RUR's, did from the time he transferred to them as it is well documented day by day, but that 6 weeks on Juno beach is very hazy. There is no information on precise actions and movements by the 8th Irish. Any further info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi Steve - the beach group's role for the first few days was to land with the assault troops (Royal Winnipegs) and clear the beaches for the next waves. After that they organised and controlled the routes on and off the beaches for all the supplies and men that came later and in the weeks that followed. I've got all the war diaries and many of the soldiers joke about sand, sand and more sand! As you know the battalion was disbanded sometime late July/Aug 1944 (I don't have the exact date in front of me) with the men being transferred to other regiments with the majority going to The Green Howards.
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    Hi Michael. I'm so sorry that I haven't replied to your post on Apr 18. I haven't been very well and I've been out of the loop for a while now, but thankfully I'm better now. I have tried the link that you sent me but it doesn't work for some reason. I wondered if you might have an alternative link. Thanks. I've also managed to get hold of the beach group's shoulder badge which I'm pleased about.

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    Hi Steve, I know this is years later, but my Dad was in the Liverpool Irish & would have been on Juno beach with your Dad. And later with the Royal Ulster rifles. I notice you've got the cap badge, would you mind me asking where you got it from? Or is it your Dad's original?
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    Hello chaps,

    I was wondering, do you know where was the 8th Bn Kings stationed before reaching the docks in Southampton?
    Did they stay with the Canadians in C7 Camp in Hiltinbury ?

  11. Yes, the main body of 8 KINGS moved to Hiltingbury Camp on 4 Apr 44, except 'C' Coy which went to Netley Camp.

    The Unit Staff Table for 8 KINGS dated 7 Apr 44 gives "Hiltingbury Area" as the Present Location of all parties, then "Hiltingbury 8742" as the Preliminary Concentration Area for all parties to land on D Day, except "Moorehill 2800" for one vehicle party of eight with four Lorry 3-ton GS). They where then dispatched to various marshalling camps depending on their Serial. Preliminary Conc Areas for the later parties.

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    Hi Michael, I'm also interested in the 8th Liverpool Irish involoved in the Juno landings. I can't seem to get this war diary link to work but would very much like to read some of it. Do you have any suggestions?

    Many thanks

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