8th Bn The Kings Royal Rifle Corps (Queen Victoria’s Rifles). War Diaries.

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    Hi Richard,

    i would just like to say a massive thanks for posting the above (WO 166/12604.) 8 KRRC Jan-Apr 43. My Grandfather was transferred to 1st Motor Battalion KRRC at Winchester on the 09.01.42. He was then TOS of the 8 KRRC on the 02.06.42. He was then posted to 7 KRRC on the 29.04.43. On the 07.05.43 he was transferred to the 2/7 Middlesex Regiment & embarked for NA on the 16.05.43.

    Would you mind if i start a conversation re the above diaries? It may be me, but i'm struggling to read them on the board. Has strange has it sounds, i never thought to try & obtain them. Looks as if he was up for a FGCM. It seems some-what one-sided. I would like to check the Apps if there are any?

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